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How I Make $40,000 Per Month On Social Media

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How to start a business and Make Money Online | Get Paid From Home

Tai Lopez on how to make money online and start your own business.

In this video, Tai explains how to earn Passive Income.

Earn money online isn’t that hard, anyone can do it with the right program that guides you step-by-step to start your own dream business so that you can travel the world, make money, not have a boss and have fun.

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GSA Search Engine Ranker Discount – Automated Backlinking On Steroids

Aprende A Destacar En Google Tu Negocio O Marca Con ‘Google My Business’

Si gestionas un negocio físico o una marca ya sabes de la relevancia y visibilidad que te proporciona aparecer correctamente en Google y algunos de sus servicios.

Google tiene una herramienta de gestión fabulosa que nos permite de forma gratuita destacar nuestro negocio o marca en su buscador, Google Maps y Google+, todo de una forma fácil, y con numerosas funciones muy interesantes para gestionar por completo la presencia de nuestro negocio o marca en los servicios de la gran G.

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– ¿Qué es Google My Business?
– Beneficios para tu negocio o marca
– Cómo usar Google My Business

Tutorial: Link Building With Topical Trust Flow By Sante J. Achille

In this short video, our Italian Ambassador, Sante J. Achille, explains how you can use Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow to build a Link Building strategy.

How I Started My Social Media Marketing Business + 3 Tips To Get More Clients

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Browseo Review – Best SEO Tool Ever!!

Browseo Review In this Browseo V3 review I discuss why this SEO tool is something that you need for your business. Creating, Posting, Automating Social Media and SEO. Browseo is perfect for online reputation management, SEO, and social media. Manage thousands of accounts and profiles with a click of the button.

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Here is why I consider Browseo to be the best SEO tool

How To Set Up Google Maps Listing 2017 | Google My Business

– Going to show you how to set up a google maps listing or google my business page today. Its fairly simple just follow along. If you have any questions leave them in the comments. Like and subscribe if you find this video helpful.

Rather read than list, heres a vide transcript

Today I’m going to show you guys how to create a google my business listing or google snack pack listing

Gonna start by going to google dot com

So you input your business name

Now when entering your street address, city, state, zip code and phone number

This has to be the exact information that’s on your actual website. It has to match exactly.

This is very important when setting up your google my business account.


We’re going to use a generic address.

For instance if your website address has 18800 Lina street and it’s spelled out you want to spell it out on your google my business listing. If it’s abbreviated you want to abbreviate it.

Same with your phone number, if your phone number has no parenthesis and hyphens you want have it like that with no parenthesis and hyphens.

If it has parenthesis and hyphens you want to include it when filling this out.

This is also important if your like a mobile business you want to select no. If you have a brick and mortar location you want to select yes.

So we have all of this filled out


Googles going to send you out a post card to verify that, that’s your actual location there’s going to be a code inside

When you get your post card comeback to your google my business and enter the code to verify.

Since we’re just going this for example purposes we’re going to skip that.

So from here you want to complete your profile by adding photos of your business of your location.

You can ad a virtual tour this supposedly helps increase your rankings when you do a 360 or virtual tour of your business but I haven’t tested it tried that out yet.

I’ll let you guys know

You want to enter your hours

You can add menus if you’re a restaurant

The type of amenities you offer

You want to add as many photos as possible customers like photos and google likes when you add a lot of photos

By owner

Picture of food and drinks if you’re a restaurant.

This is where you can add managing members to your business to go in and change things.

If you have multiple locations

You want to have a separate page on your website with the address to that location and again, the address should match everything that you enter on this form.

That’s pretty much it. It’s not really that hard to set up a google my business listing. The hard part is when your actually trying to rank in the three pack or snack pack. Which isn’t too hard but it’s more complicated than this.

I’ll do a video soon on how to increase your rankings in the google snack pack

You guys have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments. If you like this video or if it was helpful or informative please like and subscribe. Thanks.

Local SEO And Link Building Techniques

Local SEO and Link Building Techniques by Koozai’s Sally Newman.

Google My Business Profi Werden Und Damit Geld Verdienen

In diesem Video Kurs auf Udemy zeige ich euch wie man My Business Profi wird. Das ganze hat mir schon enorm viel Reputation bei Kunden eingebracht. Man kann mit diesem Wissen beeindrucken und auch Geld verdienen