Link Building – How To Ensure 100% Of Your Campaigns Are Successful

The key concept of this video is calibration, the concept of analysing what you are doing and then making the required changes until you achieve success.

This is an essential, I might even argue THE MOST important aspect of any campaign.

Mastering the art (or science) of calibration, it’s the key to ensuring that every single link building campaign you ever run is successful.

Discover The Best SEO Tools Free And Paid In 2017 (used) By Sky High Media

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Marshall Adler is the Founder of Sky High Media. He is known for his controversial approach to website marketing, search engine optimization and achieving and maintaining page-one organic placements for the best keywords in any niche.

Mr. Adler is the inventor of the fastest way to optimize and organically rank websites onto the first page of search results for the best and most competitive keywords and search strings in any niche or industry targeting any geographic area.

The best part is, the methods and systems used to show Google and other major engines that a web property is Relevant, Popular and Authentic are 100% White Hat and approved to work despite algorithm updates.

This video is an answer with opinions from the Founder of Sky High Media about what is “right” based on his own experience of doing things a certain way for the past 9 years.

Hopefully the answer helps or provides clarity and insights.

Sky High Media is currently seeking new clients in the fields of law practice, medical retail, health, financial, real estate and eCommerce and will happily show you a demo of how we optimize and rank websites so quickly on page one, after your website is viewed as “Fully Compliant” by Google and all major algorithm guidelines.

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(In some of the videos we produce, we make reference to certain websites and resources that we value on the web, here are some of the sites we use or have used while doing business online.)

– A paid service for viewing backlinks and popularity of your competitors.

– A paid service for finding the best and most profitable keywords in any niche or industry.

– A paid service for tracking all rankings, traffic, and exposure of your website and competitors.

– A free way to track metrics, goals, and conversions online.

– A free and paid, professional networking platform to share referrals and do real business.

– A great website for buying certain types of backlinks on the cheap, like guest blogging.

Google Website Builder Now Available In Google My Business

Google website builder

Find out in this video how to build a webpage for your local business using the latest Google website builder now part of the Google my Business Suite.

In just 5 mins you will be able to build a great web page for your business which will work seamlessly on any device, desktop, tablet and mobiles.

There is no need for any computer skill, no domain name and hosting required. All of it is absolutely free.

If you want to find out how it’s done just watch the video and don’t forget to post your comments.

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4 Local SEO Marketing Strategies To Build Your Brick And Mortar Business

You’ve got a localized business. Why aren’t you ranking on Google? Why aren’t you optimizing it for search engines? You can. Here’s how to make it happen. Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips:
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Today I’m going to share with you how to do SEO for brick and mortar businesses.

The first thing you need to know about is Google My Business.

Google My Business allows you to submit your localized business to Google, where you’re putting in your company name, your address, your phone number. Once you’re listed in there, you can rank in the localized pack.

The localized box is whenever you search for, let’s say, a pizza restaurant on your mobile phone, you’re getting all these localized listings.

That’s a localized pack. And you want to be in there because if you’re in there, you’re going to get more business.

The next thing you want to do is get the reviews. When you get reviews, you’re going to rank higher. So the more people that say you’re amazing and that you have a good product or service, the better off you’re going to be.

So within your storefront, tell people, “Hey, rate us on Google. “Leave a review. “Leave a rating.” And you’ll find a lot of people will. Everyone these days is focusing on Yelp reviews.

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with Yelp, but why not also focus on Google?

Because that allows you to rank higher. The next thing you want to do is make sure you include your address, the name of your business, and the phone number on your contact page. By doing that, when people are searching localized queries, you’re much more likely to pop up.

The next tip is if your website is running on WordPress, use the Yoast SEO plugin. It’ll optimize your website without you even being technical. You don’t need to pay an agency thousands of dollars.

You don’t have to pay a marketing agency. If you’re a localized mom and pop business, just go out there, use the Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress site, and it’ll pretty much optimize most of the things you need to do. If you’re not running WordPress, then that’s fine. You can just go in there, address your title tags to include your keywords, your meta description to include your keywords and make sure you include the keywords you’re going after within the text or pages of your website.

If you don’t have the keywords, how will Google know what to rank you about? Then you want to create more content.

So if you’re a pizza shop, you want to write content about pizza, how to make amazing pizzas, how to make them taste better, how to cook them, all this kind of stuff. I understand you’re not in the business of teaching people how to make pizza, but by writing all this content about pizza and flavors and if it goes with wine or it doesn’t and all these kind of articles, you’re more likely to rank for all the pizza terms within your city.

And last but not least, sign up for Google Search Console. Within Google Search Console, you can find out what issues Google has to your site, what errors they’re finding. You can submit your sitemap.

If you don’t have a sitemap, just go and create an XML sitemap. If you Google for it, there’s a lot of free tools out there that create sitemaps for you. And you can specify which location your business is doing business as.

You can pick which region, especially if you’re a national business or you’re focusing on the United States, because sometimes you’re localized, and you have a small mom and pop stores all over the United States. And you can do that within Google Search Console, in which you can identify which region you’re going after.

50+ Free AtoZ Google SEO Tools To Optimize Your Website And Blog In Search Engine

A to Z Google SEO Tools is a Search Engine Optimization Tools. We have more than 50 SEO Tools to keep track your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. It also helps to optimize web content by analyzing content for keywords, on-site links and other SEO considerations.

List of SEO tools available on this:

Article Rewriter
Plagiarism Checker
Backlink Maker Tools
Meta Tag Generator
Meta Tags Analyzer
Keyword Position Checker
Robots.txt Generator
XML Sitemap Generator
Backlink Checker
Alexa Rank Checker
Word Counter Tools
Online Ping Website Tool
Link Analyzer Tools
PageRank Checker
My IP Address Tools
Keyword Density Checker
Google Malware Checker
Domain Age Checker
Whois Checker
Domain into IP
Dmoz Listing Checker
URL Rewriting Tool
www Redirect Checker
Mozrank Checker
URL Encoder / Decoder
Server Status Checker
Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator
Page Size Checker
Reverse IP Domain Checker
Blacklist Lookup
AVG Antivirus Checker
Link Price Calculator
Website Screenshot Generator
Domain Hosting Checker
Get Source Code of Webpage
Google Index Checker
Website Links Count Checker
Class C Ip Checker
Online Md5 Generator
Page Speed Checker
Code to Text Ratio Checker
Find DNS records
What is my Browser
Email Privacy
Google Cache Checker
Broken Links Finder
Search Engine Spider Simulator
Keywords Suggestion Tool
Domain Authority Checker
Page Authority Checker

How To Enter Google Verification Code For Google My Business

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Best SEO Tool And Best SEO Tips 2017 Review

Best SEO Tool and Best SEO Tips 2017 Review
Links mentioned in the video:
Money Robot –
2Captcha –
Hosixy –

In this in depth review video I’ll introduce you to the best SEO tool in 2017 and some of the best SEO tips. I’m currently using these simple but effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to consistently rank my Youtube videos on the first page for my keywords (real examples in the video), and the software I’m using to build legitimate white hat backlinks to improve the SEO search engine ranking of my videos and blog posts.

Scrapebox Error 400

Scrapebox Error 400 We Offer the Best Scrapebox VPS Solution for Beginners and Professional Marketers with our VPS loaded with SEO Programs, Tutorials, Linklists and 24/7 Support. Our VPS comes with all software installed and licensed.

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Local Seo Santa Cruz

6 reasons why your business may not be ranking well in the search engines. For more details visit:

What is search engine optimization and how can it help a small business owner. SEO techniques are strategies that are used by a marketing expert to rank a website at the top of search engine result pages so that people searching for your products and services can find you. The return on investment (ROI) tends to be very good compared to other online marketing strategies.

1. Keyword research and analysis
Finding the right keywords is the first step for a SEO campaign. The consultant will do keyword research to determine what searches are using to locate your product or services. This is a very important step to ensure campaign success and high search rankings.

2. On page SEO
On page optimization are site optimization to your website such as meta tags, schema keyword phrases, and title tags so that a business can receive top Google search results in Google local listings and Google maps. The advantage this has over Google Adwords is there is no cost beyond the seo fees and the conversion rates tend to be high. In general, it’s a very good marketing strategy and should be considered as one aspect of your marketing plan.

3. Off page SEO
A webmaster will perform link building services and outreach to other websites in order to leverage powerful inbound links that help rank a site. Local business directories are a good place to obtain local listings and backlinks to your site. It’s important that all business listings placed added to data aggregators be consistent and mention the same name, address and phone number.

4. Penalties
Both black hat and white hat seo have risk since you don’t have any control over Google or Bing’s rules and these rules may be updated and change at any time. A Google penalty can be very costly to a company. This is why you need an ethical expert to guide you away from mistakes. Panda, penguin and pigeon as well as many other algorithms analyze for spamy behavior and demote websites that don’t play by the rules

5. Other marketing avenues
Local search engine optimization may not be right for every organization. Paid search advertising can be setup very quickly and remarketing is always good to bring repeat traffic to a site. Social media marketing, email marketing and video marketing are terrific alternatives that can be used in conjunction with search engine optimization services. Traditional marketing is very expensive and companies that have a web presence and generate web traffic have a competitive advantage. Web analytics can be setup to determine which website traffic is providing the best ROI.

Astriden is an internet marketing agency that can perform a competitive analysis, build brand awareness and setup a local search marketing strategy that will bring targeted traffic and qualified leads to your business. Contact us today to learn more. We are located in Santa Cruz, California but do screen shares and phone calls for remote clients. We offer a free website audit and provide invaluable tips!

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