With GSA Search Engine Ranker you will never need to care about backlinks again. This software can run endlessly and build backlinks for you 24 hours a day.

Unlike other SEO tools it will not need any database of submission website. It will locate new websites for you and submit your website to them automatically.

But we don’t stop there. It will also verify website submissions, making sure that the link really exists. After some time you will see all the build backlinks with all attributes like the anchor text, number of incoming and outgoing links, type of backlink (dofollow or nofollow).

With our SEO software, you don’t need to worry about anything again. The software will build backlinks for you and will of course do it on your ruleset like only submit to high page rank sites or skip the submission on sites with too many outgoing links.

This search engine optimization tool can be extended to almost any submission tool supporting any website submission you like by a simple script engine.

You are not limited to submit one website at a time. You can define as many projects as you like and all get submitted simultaneously.

Features of Search Engine Ranker

create backlinks totally automated
no fixed database of website, all dynamic related to your keywords
backlinking sites will always be related to your keyword and website
anchor text of back links is always related to your keyword
only submit to sites that match your settings (e.g. high Page Rank)
automatically informs search engines to update there index of the backlinking website after a verified submission
set it up once and never worry about getting backlinks again
it never stops building backlinks unless you tell it to
very easy to use (just 3 edit boxes to fill in and start the backlink hunting)
free lifetime updates and lifetime license
extendable script engine (expect many updates by us and other customers)
uses SpinnerChief to create none duplicate content.
can use Captcha Breaker and also external Captcha Services
supports over 100 platforms to submit your website

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GSA Search Engine Ranker Discount – Automated Backlinking On Steroids

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27 Audio What Are Backlinks And GSA Search Engine Ranker

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GSA SER : Formation En FR (3/3)

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Vidéo 3 de présentation de l’outil GSA SER en Français :
Les différents types de Backlinks possibles avec GSA
Le réglages des urls
Le réglages des ancres
Les réglages des différents cms
l’importation des articles
Le réglage d’utilisation et de mise en page des articles
l’importation et le réglages des mails.

Video 1 :
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Vidéo 3 :


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