Local SEO basically is the optimization process for the local results in search engines. That means the plugin takes care of your websites visibility in Google Maps and in the so called 7-pack (see picture)

SEOPressor Connect Plugin – Best WordPress Plugins ***

SEOPressor Connect Plugin – Best WordPress Plugins ***

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SEOPressor Connect Plugin – Best WordPress Plugins

What Is SEOPressor Connect Plugin?

SEOPressor Connect Plugin Gives You Maximum SEO Accuracy On Your WordPress Sites. You will receive a lot of features that you can customize and optimize. SEO – made easy for you!

You will get all The Essentials For Great SEO At One Glance!

Some of the essentials of SEOPressor Connect Plugin – Five Pillars:

First Pillar – On-Page Analysis

On-Page Analysis has been formulated based on big data analysis

Multiple Keywords Analysis:

SEOPressor will optimize your content for not just one, not just two, but three keywords!
Over-Optimization Check:

SEOPressor will make sure you don’t over-optimize your content. Say goodbye to Google Penalty! SEO is messy and confusing, and most of us don’t even know where to start.

LSI Keywords Engine:

This is an enhanced, progressive LSI Keywords Engine powered by LSIGraph. You will be able to untap the power of acceptable keywords today!

Semantic-Q Density Analysis:

This is a built-in well-formed Analytic, which is designed to tell if your content is correctly related to your keywords.

Second Pillar: SEO Intelligence:

This pertains to SEO Insights For Better Site wide SEO.

Site wide SEO Audit:

You will be able to check your website’s performance all in one place.

Score Manager:

Maybe you have hundreds of posts? You can make sure they are all optimized with SEOPressor Score Manager.

SEO Trends:

SEO Trends helps you to keep track of and will inform you if your website is progressively improving.

Third Pillar: Semantic Builder

Codeless Solution For Essential Markup Standards
Semantic web (or the Internet of Things) is the future of the Internet.

Schema and Dublin Core

SEOPressor now supports both Dublin Core and Schema markup. It will improve your webpage’s structured data starting today.

SEOPressor Local SEO

You can now setup local SEO for your local business and maximize your exposure for local searches.

Google Knowledge Graph

SEOPressor gets you ready for Google Knowledge.

Homepage Settings

Homepage is arguably the most important page of a website. You can now optimize it the way your posts do!

On-Page META Settings

Their improved settings now come with a monitoring function to guide you on writing the best Meta tags.

Facebook Open Graph

Their newly enhanced Social SEO now gives more Open Graph customizability. Share it the way you like it!

Twitter Card

Together with Facebook Open Graph, they have also expanded Twitter Card to support more customizability.

Fourth Pillar: Crawler Control

Customize Crawler for Definitive Indexing. No matter how good your website is, if it’s not discovered by search engines, it is not worth a penny.

XML Sitemap Generator:

This was added by popular demand. Here you will skip that additional plugin and take full SEO control with just SEOPressor.

Robot Rules:

There will be no need to index an internal page!

URL redirection:

Snap! A broken page? Just redirect the traffic with their newly added URL redirect feature.

Canonical Link:

SEOPressor now comes with the flexibility to setup a canonical or an authoritative link.

Fifth Pillar: Smart Link Manager

Monitor And Design Your Optimum Link Profile.

Automatic Smart Linking:

Effortlessly link keywords in all of your articles through one setting page. Now, that’s smart!

Smart Link Manager:

SEOPressor Link Manager ensures you a perfectly healthy site wide link profile, no more broken links!

Sitewide Link Policy:

Take full control of your outbound link’s behavior. Minimize that link juice leakage!

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It has Five Years of Proven Results

It has been formulated Based on 3,000,000,000 rows of data

It is Inspired by Google Material Design

And it powers more than 23,329,358 + pages

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SEOPressor Connect Plugin – Best WordPress Plugins ***


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How To Setup Custom URL For Google Plus Business Page

| Google Plus & YouTube Tips

In this video I will show you how to set up a custom url for your Google Plus page.

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Rudy Washington is a video marketing and YouTube expert. At TeachMeYouTube, you will find short and easy to follow video tutorials on everything you need to know about video marketing and building your brand on YouTube. View over 100 tutorials cover YouTube marketing strategies, advertising, SEO, getting more viewers, driving traffic to your business, engaging with your viewers as well as the tutorials on building and optimizing your channel.

Your business will THRIVE when you create videos that inspire, educate and entertain. I will help you step-by-step so you can make YouTube your #1 source for your business.
If you’re not on YouTube, your competitors probably are.

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RankWyz Daily#6 – Building Citations For Local SEO

RW Daily#14: RankWyz For A Local SEO

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Analytics & Tracking – Local SEO 2017 The Complete Guide (Part 2)

Today we cover conversion tracking, analyzing and implementing data through search console, keyword tracking, on page optimization, interlinking, keyword density optimization, LSI keywords, and much more..

Here’s the site I’m working on:
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How To Transfer Ownership Of A Google Plus Page – Add Manager – Google My Business

Need to add a manager or transfer ownership of a Google Plus local business page?

This short video will show you the steps on adding a new manager to your local Google listing Page and at the same time explain and show you how to transfer ownership of the business page.

Transferring ownership of a business page only works if the if the new owner has been a manager for 2 or more weeks.
After four weeks, the current owner has the ability to transfer ownership.

** It’s 2 weeks not 4 weeks as I stated in the video **

If you’re wondering how can I transfer ownership of a Google Places listing, well this is the process, it’s just different today because Google has changed and also retired Google Places and changed over to Google My Business.

NAPW Optimization – Local SEO 2017 Complete Guide (Part 3)

Today we cover NAPW or name, address, phone number, and website optimizations through Moz local, Whitespark, and Schema Markup.

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Google My Business SEO BONUS Training: ‘Geo-Optimization’ For Maps | Google Local SEO Course 2016

– This is a BONUS Training in this FREE Google My Business SEO Training Course on EXACTLY What to Focus on to Dominate the “Google Local 3-Pack” in 2016… post “Google Pigeon”.

This training goes into different methods and techniques that I use and have used for a number of years now to give any Google My Business Listing that extra “boost” in placement in the Google Maps local results. This lesson focuses on optimizing the website that you link to your GMB local listing for location and NOT keywords or search phrases in Google. It’s pretty “geeky” stuff but hey, it still works!

In This Training Session I’m Going to Reveal the Exact Methods That You Need to Follow To Get Your Google My Business Listing to The Top of Google’s Local Search Results in 2015, In as Little as 7 Days.

You See Ever Since Google’s Latest Local Algorithm Update Known as “Pigeon” in Late July of 2014 The Local “Maps” Results Underwent MAJOR Changes Effecting Many Local Businesses…Maybe Even Yours?

The “Pigeon” Update Was Rolled Out Nationwide and Drastically Changed Google’s Local Search Results. You See Prior to Last July, If You Wanted to Get Your Business Listing to The Top of Google Maps Really All You Had to Do Was List Your Business in a Few Hundred Local Search Directory Websites Like Yelp, CitySearch, Foursquare, Yahoo Local, Manta, eZlocal, etc. And If You Did That, Within a Few Weeks to Maybe a Month, Your Listing Made it to Page #1. Basically You Could “List” Your Way to The Top of The Search Results. It Was Really as Simple as That…

Although The Ranking Factors Have Changed, Google My Business is Still The Fastest Way to Get Free Leads From the 97% of Local Consumers Looking to Find Your Products & Services.

If You Know Exactly What to Focus on and What to Stay Away From, You Can Get Your Listing to The Top Quickly.

What I’m About to Share With You Can & Will Have a Very Positive Impact on Your Business For The Rest of This Year and Beyond…

So in Order to Get The Most Out of This Training, While It’s Still Online, Is to Eliminate ALL Distractions and Get Out a Pen & Paper to Take Notes. Close Your Door, Mute Your Phone and Get Ready to Learn. This Will Make You More Money in 2015.

This Training Will Focus ONLY on Exactly What Works Right Now in 2016, Not What Used to Work. No Fluff or Theory, Just The Areas You Need to Focus on for FAST Results And Real Long-Term Staying Power at The Top of Google Maps.

Go to: to Start Your FREE Google My Business in 2015 Local “7-pack” Maps Optimization Training!

Watch the Step #1 Video:

See the Introduction Video Here:

This video has to do with google my business seo and also google my business optimization & setup in 2015. It also can be used as a google my business tutorial and google my business website manual. It goes over why should my business use google plus and google my business wordpress subject matter, google my business 2016, google my business youtube and finally google for my business….Phew!

Google My Business SEO