Basically, a private blog network is a gray hat/black hat tactic of using a set of sites under your control to implement links to other sites (your “money sites”). In today’s column, I will help you understand more about what PBNs are, and whether or not you need to worry about being hit by this type of penalty.

NP 21: How To Make Money With Your Own Private Blog Network; Interview With Hayden Miaymoto

Well, Hayden Miyamoto is at it again!  I decided to bring Hayden back onto my podcast for the 3rd time because he continues to build his business in unique ways that I think we can all learn from.

In my interview with Hayden today, we discuss how his niche site business has fared over the past year, and what he is doing differently now.  In particular, Hayden has been able to build a huge business using expired domains and his own private blog network.

You may recall my previous 2 podcast interviews with Hayden of  They were very in-depth and groundbreaking for many people.

In my first interview, Hayden shared how he was making 30,000 dollars a month with niche sites, post penguin.
In my second interview, Hayden shared how to find valuable expired domains for just .

I HIGHLY recommend that you listen to those podcasts if you haven’t already.

How To Set Up Your Private Blog Network (PBN) The Correct Way

How To Set Up A PBN!

In this video I go through everything you need to know about setting up a PBN (private blog network) the correct way with on page optimisation and adding images, links and videos to help you rank.

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So in this Tutorial, i will show you, how to build a private blog network, a so called pbn, pbn links are very important, when it comes to offpage seo, I mean off-page seo in the way of building links, that linking back to your website, these private link network will help you to get a higher page rank for you affiliate site so you rank higher in google and can make more money out of your website, just by building pbn links, with high authority, you will be able, to reach that goal, in a very short period of time. i will explain to you, what exactly a private blog network is, and how you get your own private blog network. it is in fact more simple, then you think. you just have to follow these simple steps Im telling you in this tutorial, and you will get your own private blog network, private link network very fast. so just watch it and i think you will have no problem in creating it very fast and will be very successfull with it in the future and earn alot of money, just because your affiliate sites are ranking a lot higher in the future, because of the links you created right there

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SEO Private Blog Networks (PBN’s): The Pros And Cons

We walk you through what SEO private blog networks are, what to avoid, and what to look for, and why you could be taking a risk if you go with an SEO firm that uses SEO private blog networks.

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How To Build Backlinks For Your Web2.0 Private Blog Network – Link Indexing

How to build backlinks for your web2.0 Private Blog Network – Link Indexing Tips. If you use your regular PBN to help boost your Web20 blog pbn you can pass tons of juice to your moneysites. If you have already created a blog network with MoneyRobot then this video will help you get them all indexed. I like to use Index Nuke Platinum.

Everything You Need To Build, Host And Manage Your Own Private Blog Network – Best PBN Hosting

Everything You Need To Build, Host and Manage Your Own Private Blog Network – Complete PBN Service.

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One click to deploy a blog to a random hosting provider. Few clicks to add popular plugins or change common settings.

Automatic Nameservers
EBN removes the headache of configuring your nameservers by doing it all for you, automatically, without you ever visiting your registrar.

Core, Theme and Plugin Updates
WordPress, theme and plugins are automatically checked and updated on a regular basis.

Automated Daily Backups
Daily backups of all your blogs, downloadable with one click to your computer.

Performance and Security Optimization
Our staff will take care of server performance and security optimization.

Blog Health
Blog Health will show you issues on your blogs that can cause deindexation. Guaranteed lower deindexation rate!

Blog SEO Metrics
Majestic, MOZ and Indexed status all updated on a regular basis. Overview in your blog info page.

Import Existing Blogs
Easily import your existing blogs from other hosts into our system with just a few clicks.

Full HTTPS Support
HTTPS/SSL is now more important than ever to maintaining a healthy blog network. Our SSL support keeps you safe and secure.

Blog Domain Mail Inbox
Each blog has four email addresses to which you can receive mail.

Random Username Setup
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Automated Removal Of Deindexed Blogs
To keep our IP neighborhood clean we automatically remove deindexed blogs from all our servers.

Easy Blog Networks API
Create your own apps and use our API to directly deploy blogs to our platform.

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Buat Private Blog Network Atau Backlink Itu Kayak Website Ini

Cara Buat Private Blog Network atau Backlink itu kayak Website ini

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How To Setup PBNs In 2017 With Nemanja From PBNFox

Learn how to setup footprint free private blog network sites in 2017.

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Private Blog Network Services

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