GSA Search Engine Ranker Review & Tutorial – A Unique Link Building Tool

GSA Search Engine Ranker Review & Tutorial – A Unique Link Building Tool

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  1. Nice one +Matthew Woodward just picked up GSA. Head down arse up, got some
    learning to do now..!LOL . Thanks for the awesome tutorial.. 

  2. finding the video helpful Matt , but you lose me when adding website title
    ? you add spun text with a load of stuff in it can you be more clear here ?

  3. don’t use indexing services they are useless. Don’t use GSA indexer (the
    little prog. At the bottom of GSA SER) it is useless too. Don’t use indexer
    search engine. Useless. Comments, trackbacks, forum profile, image
    comments, guestbook comments, directory are the best. 

  4. I don’t give a shit about backlinks.. this is all crap … what kind of
    f0cking propaganda is going on here … instead of wasting time and money
    on b.s. like this.. scratch your butt and figure out ways to reach out to
    your target market with some useful information… then go out there in the
    real world and promote it… start with people who have a small following
    and offer an exclusive in return for exposure… then scale up…

    again this is the crappiest way to rank something.. youtube videos rank on
    their own. so let’s cut the crap… it not just about traffic @ssholes, you
    have to know how to (a)copyright (b) drive traffic (c) build a sales
    funnel… everything else is bullsh!t…

    it all starts and ends with the consumer/ buyer… backlinks is crap …
    article writing is also b.s. … public relation is good… bottom line ..
    if you don’t have a following find someone who does and offer an exclusive
    and it will workout provided you did your homework and made your site
    usable ..

    what can I tell you guys… it sucks to be you..

  5. Hi, great video tutorial. I have one question, do you recommend using
    thousands of keywords with GSA or a few keywords as in the tutorial. In
    addition would you recommend using scrapebox to scrape the urls for GSA to
    post to or that would be redundant?

  6. I guess i have seen more than 200 videos on Youtube. However, watching 2-5
    of yours have taught me more. Subscribed you for justice

  7. Great tutorial with very good advice embedded into it. I make it a point to
    check out all of your tutorials.

  8. Awesome tutorial Matthew! Do you know how I can add layout to my texts that
    allready have spintags (for e.g. headings and breaks)? 

  9. Anyone mind sharing their verified list of links? 😀
    dang, my LPM is too low for the backlinks platforms i’m trying to send.

  10. I will SELL GSA Search Engine Ranker + GSA Captcha Breaker for only 150$
    (Original Price 250$)

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  11. Do you have a GSA search ranker +Gsa Captcha Breaker offer Matt love the
    video it made a lot of things l didnt understand suddenly become crystal
    clear…like l need to get the software.

  12. Matthew, I was watching and trying to follow but it seems that your video
    is a bit out of date. Is there a way you can do an updated version with
    the newest version of GSA v9.45. I have watched many tutorials buy others
    out there but I enjoy your way of teaching pretty good.

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