GSA SER – Setting Up a Successful Campaign (part 1)

GSA SER – Setting Up a Successful Campaign (part 1)

Internet Marketing Tip: Place your link with relevant sites and spend the little money it takes to get your ads out there. There are a lot of people that fear links and even fear getting their links on other sites relevant to their own, when really doing so can be a great way to increase visibility and even lead/conversion rate.


  1. Thats extremely easy. All you do is download the software on to your VPS.
    Either through the browser or you can copy the install file from your home
    PC and paste it into the VPS window. Then you just install the software and
    enter your license.

  2. is there one of these videos for the new version, I have a lot more buttons
    in my version

  3. It would be good if i understood the language. I don’t any idea what the
    hell you’re talking about. All I know is that I need backlinks.

  4. Great video. Quick question, I want to run GSA Search Engine Ranker,GSA
    Captcha Breaker and Scrapebox on a VPS. How much do you think I’ll have to
    pay per month to get that done? I don’t want to suck up too much bandwidth
    and memory on my VPS in fear that there might be hidden fees if I go over
    my limit. What kind of VPS package should I buy? Thanks. 

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