GSA SER Tutorial #1 – Settings | GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA SER Tutorial #1 – Settings | GSA Search Engine Ranker

Internet Marketing Tip: Be personable and don't oversell to build quality leads. If someone feels like you are overselling, it'll make it harder to turn them into a strong lead. People these days don't want to be sold to. In fact, it's your job to present your product or service as solutions oriented. You need to solve a problem a person or brand is having.


  1. Pretty sure I used Camtasia, which I don’t like anymore. QuickTime screen
    records are much higher quality and convert to YT videos better. Larger
    file size, but worth it.

  2. Great video thanks a lot! Just bought GSA Ser today and this gave me the
    best overview of the basic settings! What forum / courses would you advice
    to get a better with GSA Ser ?

  3. Finally a step by step in-dept tutorial for GSA! Thank you so much. By the
    way do you have a predefined settings for ranking youtube videos? 

  4. Man, keep on coming with the videos! If you do it, i will promote your
    channel. So far the best tutorials i have seen! 2 comments hey…

  5. does this tool work for ranking youtube videos. i am trying to find the
    best tool for ranking youtube videos for very competitive keywords. thanks

  6. Hey,
    Nice tutorial. Just one question though, how do you get your captcha
    breaker convert almost 90% of the captchas? Any tip is appreciated? I have
    subscribed to your blog and loving the 30-Day SEO series….


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