GSA SER Tutorial #2 – Internal Campaign Settings Part 2

GSA SER Tutorial #2 – Internal Campaign Settings Part 2

Internet Marketing Tip: If regular emails to customers and potential customers are part of your internet marketing strategy, make sure to rotate the links you include in your emails. A block of links that remain the same with every email your customers receive is easy to start ignoring. Even a little bit of variety in your email links will keep the recipient's attention from wandering.


  1. I will be back to check the entire video. Please if you have a a campaign
    for video, and if you have the time post one. I would be very appreciated! 

  2. These videos are extremely helpful, especially to those just starting out.
    Thanks a lot! I’ve been using the program with campus internet and proxies
    but looking into switching into a VPS, so my school doesn’t ban me haha. Do
    you have any recommendations? 

  3. So I’m curious, how many links a day (verified) are you able to create?
    This video was done at 6:30pm, and you have 175 verified, your submitted
    is 6502, so your at a 37 to 1 ratio. I’ve been running my GSA on a very
    low setting for some time, and I seem to be crushing the verified you have
    in all of yours. I also think that some of the info you are telling people
    is dangerous, like using GSA for tier 1. Anyone that does that is asking
    for problems, and really should only be done by people who are willing to
    take a risk, and understand the problems that can come from it. It would
    also help you to use more than 2 emails per project. I suggest using 10,
    it takes longer for them to get blacklisted.

  4. Hey guys. I can’t reply directly to Ralph, but wanted to acknowledge his
    questions. #1, I wasn’t using GSA on the day I recorded this, so those
    numbers are irrelevant. #2, before I stopped using software, I used GSA on
    all my money sites, and not a single one was touched by Penguin 2.1 #3, I
    used Scheduler and never ever had a single email get banned only using 2
    per campaign. That’s a personal decision though, and has nothing to do
    with performance. 

  5. Thank you for these videos. They are awesome for getting started with GSA.
    I wasn’t able to find the blog links for the custom search engine list you
    mentioned around ~4:50. Where can we find it?

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