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Tired of paying those high monthly fees for GSA SER, VPS, Proxies, FCS Networker, Rankwyz or whatever else the latest shiny, push button SEO tool is?

With Clarity Links You Won’t Need To Worry About Any Of These:

RankwyzSEO RobotCaptcha Solving
GSA SERFCS NetworkerPrivate Proxies
SENuke XUltimate DemondVPS or VPN

Smash the SERPS with Niche Related Page Authority

  • High Powered

    Hijack the Domain Authority already established by High Powered Web 2.0s for your own SEO Benefit. Backlinked with Highly Filtered contextually relevant properties.

  • High Domain Authority

    Use the Trusted Authority of largest Authority Websites on the Internet.

  • High Page Authority

    We create and boost your New Web 2.0 Network with Contextual, Niche Related Backlinks For you. So powerful that the average PA of your Web 2.0 Network is 30+. Guaranteed!

  • Niche Relevant

    Choose from 49 Conent Niches (and growing), with more being added. We populate your High Powered Web 2.0 Network with niche relevant content, and guess what, we backlink it like that too for Extra Niche Authority!

  • Socially Activated

    We throw in a package of high powered Social Signals to Socially Legitimize your backlinks. Adding EXTRA Power.  There should be a reason for your backlinks to have been created or even exist.  Socially activating these backlinks is a best practice of TOP SEOs.

  • High Quality

    High Quality articles for your Web 2.0 Properties. At Clarity Links we believe that if you are putting “something” on the internet that is related to your business or website, that “something” should be High Quality. High Quality content helps keep you relevant in your Niche, keeps people coming back, and remains indexed.

Complete Transparency

Normally, when you hire virtual assistants or link building services, you have to keep on top of them to be sure they are doing what they are supposed to and even doing it the right way. Clarity Links provides all subscribers with Your Very Own Back End Dash Board. Here you can track the progress of your tasks. (see below for examples). You won’t be left wondering if the job is getting done. You see it happening right there in your Dash Board. But while you’re in your Dash Board, you can track how your campaign is affecting your SEO, with your built in Rank Tracker. Watch your Web 2.0 Metrics Boost before your very eyes with the metrics tracker. You can even check your Social Metrics. Everything is transparent!


Task Tracking

Watch as your tasks are being completed throughout the campaign.  You know EXACTLY what’s being done and when!

Rank Tracking

Track Rankings of your Main Keywords right from your Dashboard.

Page Metrics Tracking

Track your page metrics as they go up!

Social Metrics

Watch Social Signals being added to your property.

Not Your Typical Web 2.0s

At Clarity Links, we don’t just build your Web 2.0s for you. Anyone can do that. We build, High Powered, Niche Related, Socially relevant Web 2.0 Networks for you. Your Web 2.0 properties are built by the Niche of your choice. We place related, niche relevant articles on your properties. We then backlink these properties over a period of 30 days utilizing contextually related backlinks to send even more Niche Relevant Authority to your target. For over a year we have been collecting and filtering sources for contextual backlinks proven to boost the Page Authority of your Web 2.0 properties. We then add in social signals to Socially Legitimize your backlinks. The combination of Niche Relevancy, Link Juice, Authority and Social have proven to be lethal to the competition.

Perpetual Page Authority

Continue to boost your Page Authority well beyond PA 30 with the monthly maintenance feature.  Imagine having a property with a Page Authority of 60 and more.  This feature is automatically enabled as part of a reoccurring monthly maintenance fee per campaign. You can opt out of this feature when you think you have enough Authority built to your properties.

Your Very Own Private Dashboard


Ideal Solution For:

Ranking Your Own Websites


Ranking Your Client Websites


Ranking Videos

There are a multitude of course out about “How To Rank Videos” and most of them involve techniques using Web 2.0s. Clarity Links is the perfect way to get this job done.

Power Up Your PBNs

Most Private Blog Network Owners are always looking for ways to give an Extra Kick to their websites. Utilizing Social Signals and High Powered Web 2.0s ads an almost Unfair Advantage over competition. Clarity Links can give a safe and powerful source of Link Juice to any web asset.

Launch Jacking

Got the skinny on a new product launch? Position yourself with the most popular search phrases for that product! Launch Jacking is has been highly lucrative niche for years. The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

Growing List Of Niche Content To Choose From

Currently we have 49 niches of content for you to Boost Your Web 2.0 Network with. These Quality, Copy Scape passed articles are written by our in house team. Of course, because you own the Web 2.0 properties, you can change out the content any time you like.

Choose From The Top Niches
Choose From 49 Niches And Growing

All This From Your Private Dashboard!

Campaign Keyword Tracking

keyword tracker

If you are anything like us, your daily thoughts probably revolve around search engine rankings…or maybe food. If its search engine rankings that you obsess with then we have you covered. This is the section of the dashboard that will give you a great visual update on how well you are ranking for each of your keywords. Just like in the game Red Light Green Light, green numbers with plus signs are good (rank increase) and red numbers with minus signs are bad (rank decrease). Our goal is to make it look like the “green plus sign” setting is stuck to “on” for all of your keywords.

Activity Stream Tracking

Activity stream 3

Like we mentioned earlier, not only do we believe that anchor text diversity is crucial to the success of any link building campaign but also when you use each anchor text variation in the course of a link building campaign. This is an additional way to make your link building look more natural.

page metrics

Activity Stream

Our main goal as a link building service provider is transparency. That is why we created the Activity Stream. The Activity Stream will allow you to have an up to the minute glance at what sort of backlinks are being made when and with what anchor text variation. It’s like a look into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…without the worry of falling into a chocolate river or turning into a giant blueberry.

 Activity stream 2

The filter area…wait for it…allows you to filter out any anchor text type you either do or do not want to see in the Activity Stream. If you are OCD like we are, you can change the refresh interval to make sure you have the most up to date information. Conversely, if you think the Activity Stream looks like the New York Stock Exchange ticker you can also set how many events you would like to have scrolling through at any given time.

 campaign metrics

The scroller area of the Activity Stream allows you to see the most up to date tasks that are being completed for your campaign. It will not only tell you the type of task that is being worked on but also which anchor text requirement it fulfills. Think of it like late breaking news about your campaign – except Tom Brokaw doesn’t work for us.

Social Signals

Even before Google got into the social media scene with Google+, case studies were showing that having social mentions (usually in the form of Facebook likes/shares or Twitter tweets) as part of your overall SEO strategy were producing rank increases. Now with Google+, the cat is out of the bag – social metrics are as important as ever when it comes to having a healthy backlink profile…which leads to rank increases…which should lead to sales.

Most Clarity Links packages come with a monthly allotment of the powerful social signals or social votes. These are votes from real people, not bots, that truly social share the URLs in your current projects. Be aware of services that promise you a bazillion social shares in a very short period of time. Our campaigns are spread out nicely throughout the course of the first month of your campaign. We work this way because, again, our goal is to give you the strongest most solid backlink profile possible.

Social metrics

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  • Create Your Login Details

    Create your secure login details for your Personal Dashboard.

  • Submit Initial Target URL.

    Upon account creation you will be asked for a target URL, enter it here. (Don’t worry you can change it later before you start your campaign.)

  • Enter Payment Information

    Enter your payment information.  (All payments are processed by Stripe, safe and secure.)

  • Get Your PA 30+ Web 2.0 Network Started

    Start creating your High Powered, Niche Related, Socially Activated High PA Web 2.0 Network!

The Clarity Links High Powered Web 2.0 system is extremely easy to use, but here is walk through by Chad co-creator.

  • Private Members Area Dashboard

    This is the starting point of building your High Powered, Niche Related Web 2.0 Network.

  • 3 Main Target Keywords + 6 LSI Keywords

    Anchor text is extremely important.  We target 9 different anchor variations across your initial set of 10 High Powered, Niche Related Web 2.0 properties.

  • Social Signals

    You’ll receive an initial set of Social Signals (60) to get things going.  Socially activating your links is a proven way to help the legitimacy of your backlinks.

  • Metrics Tracking

    Track Keyword Rankings, Social Metrics, Page Metrics and more directly from your Private Members Area Dashboard.

  • Progress Tracking

    Everything is transparent from your Dashboard.  See what tasks are being completed and when at any time! This is great when scheduling corresponding SEO activities.

  • Ownership

    Each Target URL is considered a campaign. Each campaign consists of creating 10 Extremely, High Powered, Niche Related, PA 30+ Web 2.0s to kick off your network. And you get the login credentials for each and everyone to add in extra articles or customize how you please at any time.

  • Extra Features

    We are always looking to enhance our service to you.  So we will be keeping the system updated regularly and adding in new features that we feel will benefit you and your SEO.

Q: What do you mean by Niche Related?

We have an article written regarding the topic of your website, product or target URL. i.e. if you website is about Dogs, we write an article about dogs. Additionally, we use highly filtered contextual backlinks from niche related articles to Boost the Power of your Web 2.0 property which results in authoritative link juice and Page Authority over 30+.

How Long Does It Take To Get the PA Over 30?

Link juice starts to flow immediately, however you we won’t see an exact measure of Page Authority (according to MOZ) updates it on their end. https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/ The cool thing is, you will be able to track this from your Dashboard. Normally, after 30 days of link building you will see your Page Authority increase significantly.

How Many Web 2.0s Do I Get Logins For?

Each target URL is considered a campaign. Each campaign comes with 10 High Powered Web 2.0 properties on the most stable platforms we have identified, 9 Targeted Keywords and 60 social signals. Order additional campaigns for all your clients, products and service websites.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

Page Authority is Moz’s calculated metric for how well a given webpage is likely to rank in Google.com’s search results. It is based off data from the Mozscape web index and includes link counts, MozRank, MozTrust, and dozens of other factors. It uses a machine learning model to predictively find an algorithm that best correlates with rankings across the thousands of search results that we predict against.
How is Page Authority Scored?

We score Page Authority on a 100-point, logarithmic scale. Thus, it’s easier to grow your score from 20 to 30 than it would be to grow from 70 to 80. We constantly update the algorithm used to calculate Page Authority, so you may see your score fluctuate from time to time.

Are There Any Reoccurring Fees?

Each campaign you start automatically has the monthly maintenance feature enabled.  This is your only reoccurring fee.  This feature continues to build Niche Related Page Authority to your Web 2.0 Properties.  You can OPT OUT of any maintenance feature.  Keep it running if you want to Boost Your Authority well beyond PA 30.  This is helpful for higher competition niches.

What is Domain Authority?

Page Authority vs. Domain Authority

Whereas Page Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of a single page, Domain Authority measures the strength of entire domains or subdomains. The same is true for metrics such as MozRank and MozTrust.

How Many Campaigns Can I Run?

You can run almost unlimited campaigns, however our slots are limited as we scale the system to accommodate demand. Each campaign is considered one order. You can order additional campaigns directly from your Members Area Dashboard.

Is This Service For Me?

Anyone can use sign up for Clarity Links, however if you are having a hard time understanding the terms mentioned on this page, it is probably best you do some more homework before firing up these High Powered Web 2.0 properties.

Can This Increase My Website Rankings?

It definitely can increase your website rankings. However, we make no guarantees as to website rankings. There are just too many factors that go into ranking a website. However, we do guarantee that you will get at least 10 High Powered, PA 30+ Web 2.0s per order. But to ease your mind as to the effectiveness of this process… this is the same exact process we have used to help rank our own websites and client websites.

Is My Information Safe?

Payment information is processed through Stripe which handles secured processing for companies such as Lyft, TaskRabbit, Instacart, Twitter, Reddit, Digital Ocean and Facebook. Your personal information is used by Clarity Links only and your information will never be sold.

Do You Cater To SEO Agencies

Yes. We many SEO Agencies have enjoyed the process of this exact service and continue to do so. It has been a huge time saver toward SEO efforts with our own client websites.

Is Method Safe?

While we can’t guarantee that your website will or will not get a penalty from your SEO efforts, we can say that we use this exact process on our own websites and client websites to great success. In fact the example above, are real world examples that took place during the Penguin 3.0 Update. Draw your own conclusion from that. Panda and Penguin penalties are very unpredictable and your website could get penalized for 100s of factors not related to our service.


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