Advanced Link Building: NSP 3 Call 10 With Spencer And Samara

Internet Marketing Tip: Make sure that you do not respond to any spam emails that may get sent out by SEO companies. If they are making crazy promises that you know are too good to be true then do not fall for it. Reputable SEO companies o not send out spammy emails.


  1. spencer when are you and samara going to reveal the site i mean we guys are eager to know how well it has been built

  2. waiting for more awesome tips , Thanks for all your information and thanks to Samara Also <3 😉 .

  3. Appreciate the fascinating instructional videos from the duo of Spencer and Samara. Samara has put a ton of work into her site and is just now seeing a glimmer of traffic. Who cares what her site is. You know when/if it is revealed, there will be copy cats. There is enough beef here to start your own niche site and with HARD WORK like Samara has done and earned, we all optimize our chances to grow a profitable niche site. What other “niche site guru” do you know, gives out all these FREE coaching calls to get one going in affiliate marketing without any BS, but LOTS OF BEEF TO DIGEST. Lets not get greedy here. Thanx again Spencer and Samara( as well as Ryan, Jake and other 2 students)

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