Featured Snippets, Link Building & My Google World Is Upside Down

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– This is the special Thanksgiving SEO video recap where I talk about the changes to the Google featured snippets. I also discuss the parameter handling tool in Search Console and how you need to think about that when you migrate to HTTPS. Google said your URL structure does not need to follow your content structure. Google said IP addresses can rank fine in Google. Google said websites can and do rank without link building. Google said internal anchor text is important. Google launched the Trust Project to help fight fake news. Google updated the text for the search results snippets it can’t gain access to. Google launched a new Google Flight search. Google AdWords updated to version 12.2. Google local pack adds some knowledge panel data. Finally, my Google world has turned upside down with Matt Cutts complaining about Google and Danny Sullivan being the spokesperson defending Google. That was this past week in search at the search Engine Roundtable.

There Was Google Featured Snippets Change Up In Past 30 Days :
Moving To HTTPS, Transfer Parameter Handling In Google Search Console :
Google: Most Sites, Even Large Ones, Don't Use Parameter Handling In Search Console :
Google: URL Folder Structure Doesn't Need To Match Content Folder Structure :
Google: It Doesn't Hurt If Your Site Ranks With Its IP Address :
Google: Most Websites Rank Without Any Link Building :
Google: Anchor Text For Internal Links Do Matter :
Google & The Trust Project: Help Identify Trustworthy News :
Google Updates Blocked Search Results Snippet: No Information Is Available For This Page :
Google New Design & Features For Google Flight Search :
Google AdWords Editor Version 12.2 Adds More Features :
Google Local Pack Tests Showing Knowledge Panel Tabs :
My Google World Is Upside Down: Matt Cutts Complains & Danny Sullivan As Google Spokesperson :

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