How Do You Setup And Build Links For An IFTTT Network That Is Purchased Via Serp Space?

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In episode 119 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts ( one viewer asked how to setup and build links for IFTTT networks that are purchased via Serp Space.

The exact question was:

I may have my first SEO client, I've put a proposal together for SEO with content marketing. he has a website on WordPress. I purchased Content Kingpin, I am thinking Build an IFTTT ring for the website, use content kingpin to curate 2 posts a week, (client to provide one additional original post a week).

Confused with Serp Space and ordering the most powerful network set up for a website, should I just order 1 IFTTT network and power with backlink packages to first tier or multiple tiered networks ? I think I remember you saying for website only one ring & YouTube – multiple ? from serp space can you advice on the strongest set up for a website thanks.

Also what other monthly link building methods can you advice I do. (medium competition keywords non local).

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