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Moz did a study. They interviewed SEO experts.

And you know what they said was the number one factor that impacts your Google rankings?


But unique links are tough to build. So how are you going to create them?

Today I'm going to share with you how I built over 23,000 unique links to And what's impressive about this is is purely marketing-related.

If I can convince other marketers to link to me, you can build links using the same exact tactics.

So let's break down how I built over 23,000 unique backlinks.

Go to BuzzSumo. Type in a keyword related to your industry. It'll show you all the popular articles based on social shares.

Take the articles that are in-depth and list-based and break down things step by step, and then create an infographic with that same information.

You can spice it up, add your own data to it, but, hey, the content is all right there in front of you.

When you create this infographic, you need to cite the source that you got all your information from this specific website, but it'll go viral.

Why? Because most people would rather look at an image than read thousands and thousands of words of text.

Use Infogram or Canva to help build your infographic, or you can use Dribbble, to hire a designer.

If you're going to pay a designer, it doesn't cost more than 500 bucks.

Now that you created an infographic, what you need to know is this: an infographic has to be super visual.

If it's data-rich, that's great. But if it has a ton of colors and is hard to look at, that's not good.

If your steps don't flow in a smooth pattern, that's not good.

Once your infographic is up and running, add an embed code so other people can take that infographic and put it on their website.

If they put it on their website, what does it do? It links back to yours.

If you don't know how to create embed code, use a plugin on WordPress called WP Embed Code Generator, and that'll just create the embed code for you so then that way people can just copy and paste and slap your infographic on their website.

Now that you got that infographic up on your website and people can embed it so that'll create backlinks, you need to get traffic to your site.

If you don't get traffic, no one's going to embed it.

I want you to go back to BuzzSumo and find that article that had all those shares.

Click on View Shares, and that'll break down every single person that shared that article on Twitter.

You want to email 'em, “Hey John; I noticed you shared this article on Twitter “called 101 Ways to Boost Your Traffic by author Neil Patel. “I have a similar infographic “that breaks down those points in a visual fashion. “Cheers, David.”

Now that you're sending out these emails, you're going to get a lot of responses, people being like, “Yes, I want to see it.”

Not only will they share it, but a lot of them will embed it.

Now, the next thing you want to do is go to Ahrefs, Put in that competitor article and see every single person who links to them and email them.

It's that simple.

And then once you have the audience, you want to create more amazing content, and I love using the Skyscraper Technique which Brian Dean invented.

Go to BuzzSumo again, you type in keywords, and you're looking for articles like 10 Ways to Double Your Search Engine Traffic, and you want to write more thorough articles, like 101 Ways to Double Your Search Engine Traffic.

You click on the View Shares. You hit up each of those people using an email.

You get them to share your articles. And then, boom, you'll get more traffic, more backlinks, and it'll keep rolling in and create this snowball effect.

You also want to do the same thing with Ahrefs. You go, type in your competitor URL, and you'll see all the people who link to them and which articles get the most links.

Write better versions of those articles and then email them again with the same email template and asking them to link to you. By doing those things, you'll get a ton of links.

Now, as you get this traffic coming to your website, you need to use a tool called Hello Bar.

Hello Bar makes it simple to collect emails, just like how I collect emails on with my exit pop-up.

Now, when you're collecting all these emails, what ends up happening is when you publish a new blog post, you can email all these people letting them know about your latest blog post.

They'll come back to your website, they're more likely to share it, more likely to read it, and more likely to link back to you.

If you need help with online or digital marketing leave a question or comment below and I'll be sure to answer!

Internet Marketing Tip: Strategically placing keywords within the main body of text on your website or blog, is a great way to increase traffic coming from search engines. Look to load your keywords into the beginning passages of your text without overdoing it. A good, general rule is to incorporate your keyword twice into the leading paragraph. Follow that, by placing your keyword as many times as you can into the next 200 words, again without making it feel overused or heavy-handed.


  1. Hey Neil how are you ?
    I’m a new blogger i really want to grow my blog your videos are really informative
    can you please tell me how can i find email address on “Buzzsumo” so i can easy contact to the person and email them

  2. A question though, once we make the infographic, should we write an article with it on our website? Or do we just give the infographic link to others?

  3. Hi Neil, thanls for the info you share with us. I have just one question, the tools you mention are really oriented for english articles, they work also for spanish content?

  4. It is nice to see you replying to your viewers ! Not many do. I have question how to find emails of these website owners please share. !

  5. Neil, My website relates to trending topics so what do you suggest me , how can somebody share so fast when trending searches is only for a day!.

  6. Good stuff, Neil.
    Do you ever use upwork or fiverr for you infographic? $500 for an inforgraphic is a bit steep for me.

  7. Hi Neil
    Great Video, thank you.

    Q. You suggest using Buzzsumo AND Ahrefs. Aren’t you duplicating the process by using both? BuzzSumo you enter the KW, Ahrefs you enter the URL. Wouldn’t there be a good amount of overlap of contacts and links?

    Do you recommend using 1 or the other to start for a test basis? Or do you have to use both?

    Also, you mentioned in the comments below to use wordpress or blogger to test out concepts. Do you mean writing a post with an infographic and testing the results from the process in the video? Thanks

  8. Hey.. Neil ..please suggest some free Infographic maker.. Which I can download after the graphic is done.. I created one on vengage but I was unable to download it… As m not a premium member

  9. Hi Neil,

    Unfortunately buzzsumo and many other tools don’t work (or effectively work) for keywords search in Holland. Such as the keyword “bouwbesluitberekening”. Is this correct?

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  14. Hi Neil, you have mentioned a plugin Embed Code Generator which is 5 years old and not updated. I just want to know that is there any other plugin or solution there? Thanks in advance.

  15. Amazing Tips Sir
    I have stated a blog on 10th December 2017 and yesterday I have completed 2 million page view… Credit goes to your amazing Tips. Thank you sir…

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