Is Link Building Dead?

Is Link Building Dead?

Internet Marketing Tip: Don't forget the radio! People do still listen to the radio in their cars on the way to work, in the office or even in the waiting room. Speak to their needs by creating a quick, concise ad which offers your sales pitch in a way they can't refuse.


  1. Our link building strategy only incorporates basic free listing directory
    sites. Most of our clients are small local service oriented businesses.
    What is a good “next step” in link building for a more sophisticated

  2. This is the best discussion of linkbuilding I’ve ever encountered! This
    video is what every SEO, Marketer should read.

  3. Hey. I love this video and learned a lot about link building. Thus, some
    SEO experts still use link building. It’s the best way for them to get more
    backlinks for their website and increases the popularity of the website

  4. Thanks for this Eric.

    I’m thinking it’s not dead, it’s just has less impact nowadays with the
    increasing importance of Social Media nowadays. Good listen, a bit long

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