Link Building Post Panda 4.1 – Semantic Mastery

Link Building Post Panda 4.1 – Semantic Mastery

Internet Marketing Tip: Pay attention to the words and phrases that get the most attention in your industry. This means knowing who your audience is and what they're looking for. Consumer products sell best when advertised through words such as "new", while informational products sell better when combined with words like "advice". Always be sure you know what your audience is looking for and word your copy accordingly.


  1. *Link Building Post Panda 4.1?*

    I came across a great article on ProBlogger about this topic and felt that
    I had to do a video commenting on the content. Some things I totally agree
    with, others not so much.

    Here is a link to the original article:

    And here it is with my notes:

    #linkbuilding #panda4 #seo #semanticmastery #bradleybenner 

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