Local Link Building: What Actually Works & How To Do It (LSA Webinar)

Internet Marketing Tips: If you use images in your email newsletters, put text to the right of the images. Research shows that customers are far more likely to click on a link or button that is placed to the left of an image than one that is placed anywhere else on the page.

Links are critical to ranking, but link-building in local is hard. In this webinar a panel of experts discuss what actually works in local link building and how to do it. For access to future and past LSA Webinars visit:

Internet Marketing Tip: Aggressiveness in internet marketing is something that can backfire in a hurry. Your inclination may be to stuff any type of post with links and keywords, but discretion here is essential. There are millions of people out there spamming, and you can easily be mistaken for one of them. Remember not to be aggressive.


  1. Very in-depth training on how to do local sponsorship link building. Thanks for another great video.

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