Banned From “Health” Page, Authority Nutrition

Banned From “Health” Page, Authority Nutrition

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  1. But that’s ok, that’s ok, because if you want good health you have to spend
    a lot of money on supplementations, it’s investment. Please don’t judge,
    please don’t judge

  2. of course hes gonna ban you/block your posts. it goes against his belief
    system, its great that you want to search for the truth (or so you say),
    but post a scientific study about the benefits of water fasting on 30bad
    and see what happens, of course they will delete the post and probably ban
    you. as it goes against their belief system, its very noble to think
    everyone will be open-minded and only be concerned with finding the truth.
    but its unrealistic. 

  3. Actually I’m very surprised that he answered to you at all. As usual your
    reply to his comment was too kind, as all your replies are. When you get
    banned, it generally means that you did something right :-D

  4. I was wondering if you have links to any really good article about diabetes
    and high carb diet. I just have 2 and I’m doing a task in university about
    how promoting diabetes with diet.
    I would appreciate the help :)

  5. *He writes negatively about whole grain products on his website. I will try
    to debunk his criticisms.*

  6. He is the kind of guy that will still deny that Earth is round even after
    we sent satellites in space… There is probably money to be done in
    comforting some people in this belief: it’s too scary to think that you
    Australians live upside-down!

  7. Maybe he has to spread nutrition lies to people in order to make himself
    feel better about his food choices. 

  8. Rather than just claiming this is fantasy science why didn’t he dissect
    just one of the papers you referenced or defended the flaws in his
    reasoning you poked at. Pathetic.

  9. I was obsessed with high fat diets for awhile. Still vegan, but the idea
    of running on ketones instead of glucose fascinated me. It sounded so cool
    to be able to use fat for fuel instead of sugar. But mostly I was just
    tired all the time when I tried it, and could barely get up a hill on my
    bike lol. I can’t rule out another high fat vegan experiment in the future
    though ;)

  10. I got blocked from Jeff Novick’s page when I questioned a study about
    sitting. Guess I’m a pain :)

  11. “Animal foods”? I dont understand lol animals are animals. Foods are foods.
    They are two seperate things. maybe he should start with THAT. 

  12. It’s great you tried..I wish somebody introduced me to Durian or plant
    positive or Dr Greyer, years ago!

  13. good for you speaking up and getting banned : ) his meat fantasy was
    busted by you so you got banned 

  14. Usually when someone responds the way he does, they’re dealing with fear
    and insecurity. They say doctors who promote being vegan are
    “fear-mongering.” Heck, I used to say the same thing! The information
    scares them. Also it could be due to the fact that he wants to keep his
    fan-base with these “delicious” meat recipes.

  15. Shame he blocked you. I have been posting on The Doctors website, because
    Happy Healthy Vegan will be on there this month in reference to the banana
    diet. They are very pro animal foods, unfortunately I have not received a

  16. He’s already fat as fuck. Just let karma finish him off by giving him a
    heart attack. The typical.

  17. Keep fighting the good fight. Kris Gunnars is a charlatan, or simply
    doesn’t understand the science he is reading; as you say, he misrepresents
    the articles he cites.

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