What is Page Rank & Domain Authority?

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What is Page Rank & Domain Authority?

What is Page Rank & Domain Authority?

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  1. Jarod Billingslea
    Jarod Billingslea says:

    Domain authority = parents
    page authority = kid of parents

    Example 1:
    famous parents = high domain authority
    kid of famous parents = inherits page authority, but can be famous as well
    to gain even more authority

    Example 2:
    Unfamous parents = low domain authority
    kid of unfamous parents = inherits low page authority, but has to improve
    really hard and might have to depend on parents authority still

    * so either way, famous parents are everything to Google. Get that domain
    authority up!
    * Also just cuz I said page authority inherits domain authority — it
    doesn’t mean the page authority inherits ALL of the domain authority.
    Knowing google, it might only inherit half of the domain authority.

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