Get Your Google My Business Page Verified.. Fast!

If you have a business with a public address you need to make sure you have claimed your listing on Google maps or you will lose it and may have to start from scratch. It takes about 10 mins to check so stop what you are doing and do it! 

The post that got my attention:
Google To Shutter Orphaned Google+ Pages Next Week (July 28)

Another Google post that seems related:

How to check your business on Google or add yourself to Google maps:

The Google My Business Mobile app:

Martin Brossman and Cramer Gallimore Discuss it. 

Thanks Cramer Gallimore, Commercial Photographer, for your input from

SEO Linkbuilding Techniques 2017 -SEO SMM Expert Udaipur – By Martina Motwani

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How To Use ScrapeBox


At the end of this video Jason Albright, Social Media Marketing students, talks his first ,000/mo client and quitting his job.



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Tiered Link Building Best Practices #1

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Buy Expired Domains: Private Blog Network SEO Tip

I show you how to buy expired domain names to create a powerful private blog network to use to increase the search engine rankings of your Deadbeat Affiliate Sites. This white-hat SEO technique can yield serious rankings for both money sites and youtube videos. Learn this tactic, and implement it now!

Throughout this video I reveal many white hat SEO techniques you can implement and get some serious search engine results pretty quickly…


-How to find and register expired domain names.

-How to do a backlink lookup to make sure your domain has some page rank and authority.

-How to use to confirm that the site was a functional website back in the day, and it is a recently expired domain.

-How to use your expired domain the right way by making it a part of your Private Blog Network. When you reconstruct the expired website, you can piggyback off the previous owner’s work and reap the search engine ranking power and use it to boost the rankings of your videos and blog posts!

If you have any affiliate sites at all, I highly recommend you build a small network of private blogs around each affiliate campaign to help build a moat around your money sites!

Tutorial De Google My Business, Maps Y Places Para Empresas

Tutorial paso a paso para dar de alta un negocio en Google Maps. Aprende a gestionar Google My Business y Google Places y geolocalizar tu empresa, tienda u oficina.

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency – My Twist That Can Make You Millions!!

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Pelatihan Digital Marketing SEO GSA Search Engine Ranker Jogja 2017

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Investasi normal : Rp 4.000.000
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Materi Kursus / Pelatihan SEO
Materi Pelatihan Hari I : Mastering Backlink dengan Cara Manual
– Mengenal macam-macam jenis Backlink
– Membuat Backlink berlapis sehingga susah ditiru
– Mempelajari teknik pencarian sumber Backlink menggunakan Footprint
– Mencari sumber Backlink secara otomatis
– Menganalisa kekuatan Backlink kompetitor
– Meniru Backlink kompetitor
Materi Pelatihan Hari II : Mastering Backlink menggunakan software GSA Search Engine Ranker (GSA SER)
– Melakukan setting dasar proyek backlink
– Mencari Proxy secara otomatis
– Membuat proyek Backlink non Sign Up
– Membuat proyek Backlink Sign Up
– Setting Email untuk Sign Up proses Backlink
– Mencari sumber artikel dan melakukan spin untuk Backlink
– Mengimport sumber backlink dari luar dan men submitnya menggunakan GSA SER

Segera lakukan pendaftaran pelatihan SEO di Jogja ini untuk mendapatkan harga diskon (Early Bird) Call/Sms/WA : 0856-4334-4403 (Pak Rohmadi), 0856-2925-689 (Pak Endar).

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AdWords Tutorial From Google – Step 9a: I Want People To Call My Business

Encourage phone calls to your business by adding Call extensions to your ads. Learn how call extensions work and how to create one in your account.
Do it now: Create a call extension in your account

Continue to step 10: Choose the right keywords