How To Setup Your Private Blog Network

How To Setup Your Private Blog Network

Internet Marketing Tip: Online directories are still a great way to build leads today. Be sure to list your site on targeted directories so that those who actually want what you're selling are able to find you. Make your listing clear and concise and include only pertinent information in any descriptive text.


  1. nice video Greg, this is exactly what I am doing right now. Wish I would of
    had this video 2 weeks ago as it to took me a lot of research just to
    figure this stuff out. Hopefully I will see some results soon in my pbn as
    I invested about 800 dollars in it, ty Greg good work!

  2. Hey, I love the video I just had a question. Would it be okay to put down
    fake info instead of buying and having to pay for whois guard? Is there a
    problem you’ll face if you put in fake info? 

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