Building High Quality Backlinks with Scrapebox – More then just blog links

Building High Quality Backlinks with Scrapebox – More then just blog links

Internet Marketing Tip: You may be tempted to completely redesign your website to more effectively market it on the net. Many people subscribe to a myth that CSS is the only format that will do good in the new Internet algorithms. This is proven to be untrue. Even if your website is on an older table format it won't matter.


  1. No. Where did you get that idea from? Simply not true. Besides, look past
    “forums”, and see the opportunity to apply these concepts to all sorts of
    platforms. Look at my videos here on my channel about scraping competitors
    backlinks. Stare at some of their backlinks and you will discover all sorts
    of platforms where you could apply these concepts. I guess for me its easy
    cause I used to do all this old school stuff manually, scrapebox just
    automates is in a few clicks.

  2. hi looplinescrapebox, love your channel..its hard to find quality video
    tutorials like yours. a big thanks…

  3. Who told you that the tens of thousands of people running scrapebox are
    “nobody is using it anymore”? I know for a fact that big companies in both
    “Corporate America” and the SEO industry use it all the time. In fact I own
    part of a SEO company in California, and we use it daily. Scrapebox has
    MANY more uses then “building blog comments” which is where a lot of people
    stereo typed it into, or only used it in that limited way.

  4. Its a perception I’ve got from the forums on SEO I’ve used where as far as
    the users are concerned scrapebox, in a post penguin environment, is no
    longer useful. The users are much more interested in SENuke even if there
    are cheaper alternatives which are just as good. Finding your vids has made
    me realise that these guys think they know more than they do and are most
    likely the ones that have helped stereotyped scrapebox in the way it has

  5. I followed the process and I was able to get backlinks but I was not able
    to post with manual poster at all. It would auto fill everything and in the
    post area it would have the word manual. I would read the site and add a
    few sentences and every time I hit submit nothing happens. I mean every
    link that I try manual post I am not able to post to. I even check with
    blog analyzer to verify that the blogs are open which they are. Have you
    had this type of problem?

  6. I don’t get it, you filled in the name, email, web address and comment box.
    You did not put the website link in the comment box for it to be visible,
    so if link is not visible anywhere on final comment, how did that create a

  7. Wow, thank you. I have been looking for places to purchase high PR links.
    You have now given me the ammo to turn my time instead of my money into
    high PR links for my sites. I never really thought of using scrapebox this
    way. Excellent video. I need to watch all your videos to see what other
    gems I can find.

  8. When you post comments, on most blogs/sites, they will hyperlink your name
    using the website url you enter. You get the backlink with the anchor text
    as your name. You can input a keyword as your name if you are so inclined,
    but this will likely reduce the odds of approval where comments are

  9. Awesome Video! I love the fact that your moving so quickly! Can’t stand
    having to learn how to use a computer all over again with other tutorials.
    Will purchase SB as soon as I have the money, lol. Thank You very much for
    this, as it has explained so much more to me than meets the eye (so-to
    speak), you’ve honestly given a new direction towards my efforts.

  10. Great videos mate, I’m having trouble though. I’m trying to post blog
    comments and I went through all the steps on one of your videos. When its
    ended I have a few url’s saying success but when I check out the urls I
    have no comments on any of them?

  11. Hey Loopline! Any thoughts about my comment? Are there HQ blogs allowing
    dofollow links in comments? Thanks!

  12. I ran a DoFollow/Nofollow on Addon. When it says “NoFollow” does that
    mean I should not post my comment there? The addon says All the links are
    NoFollow? does that mean I should avoid all those url’s? Thank you. 

  13. Great video on SB! I look forward to learning more about being great with
    this awesome tool.

  14. Very useful. This is the very first tutorial I learned for what Scrapebox
    can do. I would love to have this tool in the future.

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