How to make a Scrapebox Auto Approve List

How to make a Scrapebox Auto Approve List

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  1. Your welcome mate. The settings should be at whatever you would normally
    use. I have dedicated servers that run 8-16 hyperthreaded cores with 8-12GB
    RAM and Gigabit Connections. So I run 200 connections posting and link
    checking. But just start low and keep running the same list and turn the
    connections up till success tapers and you will know what works best.

  2. Awesome tool. I can’t recommend it enough. Still getting my arms around all
    of the capabilities.

  3. How many proxies have you got, and what’s your connections set to? What
    would you suggest for 10 proxies on a 4GB RAM/2Ghz processor?

  4. Great video! Is there a reason you load the list back into the scraper with
    the site: operator instead of just using the link extractor addon? Also I
    run my harvested list through the blog analyzer addon before any commenting
    and it really seems to speed it up a ton especially the second pass where a
    large majority of the urls are going to fail anyway.

  5. Great tutorial! But why did you turn off proxies during the link check?
    Wouldn’t that be a problem?

  6. Thanks for great tutorial!! Just bought this brilliant tool. Is it possible
    in a future to use this tool with a russians blogs?

  7. this is a great strategy, but i just want to put out something to save
    sometime. After you harvest your URL’s, you can do “remove duplicate
    domains” right away to weed out duplicate domains. Doing this will remove
    70-80% of the urls because they all come from the same domain, but it also
    saves you the time of posting to thousands of URL’s you will remove in the
    end anyway, right? in the end, all you need is one link from a unique
    domain anyway

  8. Hmm something I want to understand is why do you split the blogs into list
    of platforms. The fast commentor just blasts them all from what i can see

  9. good techniques. Ive learned a lot from scrapebox and youtube. sometimes i
    go back manually and wont find my links even after it claims its
    successful. when it say it found your link it is usually there when checked
    with link checker

  10. What the hell. You are doing something really different than I am. Maybe
    its your proxies. Everytime I search with scrapebox it only searches google
    and yahoo, never the last 2. Furthermore, my links never stick like the
    other guy said. I have no idea how to use the captcha solver. Gets its time
    to start watching more scrapebox tuts.

  11. very comprehensive and nice video Download 900k auto approve list at
    hxxp://tinyurldotcom/d4ceuw4 to boost your back link.

  12. I think its because its faster, because since you’re not posting your ip
    will only show up as a visit so yeah 😀

  13. I normally just run 20-50 connections and use proxies… Here’s a list I
    compiled using this dude’s method!! Oh yeah, its FREE too.. haha
    bit.lyWtgeSZ copy and paste the link if you have to

  14. Anyone tried the MoboRank (do a google search)? I have heard several great
    things about it and my buddy improve his website’s google ranking with it.

  15. I consistently get fewer links when I harvest the trimmed to root links.
    This doesn’t make sense.

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