How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks In 2013

How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks In 2013

Internet Marketing Tip: If you are running low on content for your video marketing, you can always make a few non-topical videos to get acquainted with your customers. Tell them stories about your life, how your business started or where you feel the industry is heading. These add a personal touch to your video marketing campaign.


  1. You certainly want to build links to high page rank websites that are
    relevant to the content on your own websites. Otherwise you will probably
    look spammy to google. So yes you are right!

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  3. So you promised a PageRank of 3-4 within 90-days? It’s been well over 90
    days since this video was uploaded and you’re sitting at a PR1. What’s up
    with that?

  4. You titled your video “How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR
    Backlinks In 2013 ” , but you show how to send the comments. I was thinking
    this was going to show us how to actually find the high PR links Although
    this is a great vid and I thank you for that. I’m am curious about two
    things. First when I check the page rank you are still at a PR 1 and when I
    take a look at your links they are all nofollow. How are you suppose to
    build up your PR if you only get nofollow links?

  5. that penguin and panda updates is s_uck… my site also suffer on that new
    technology my site turn into pr1 .. see myaccountinginfo(dot)net …

  6. Thanks for taking the time to put this video together. This is my first
    time hearing about Scrapebox but I love the features set and will
    definitely check it out.

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  8. You are sending spammy blog comments to the money site? Seems like suicide,
    why did you do this?

  9. Teaching people to spam isn’t that cool dude. and blog comment spam can get
    you so deep into Penguin penalties that you will never get out.

  10. I really like this video as well as I love your little bird making a sweet
    noise in the background of your video.

  11. Thanks for the training I bought the scrapebox in December, used awhile,
    just got back into it yes its amazing what can do I believe this video will
    help me figure this all out…..

  12. well, what happened with your client then? did you manage the PR4-5

  13. you guys are all missing the point of this video. He’s not shooting out
    massive spammy links. The blog comments are highly relevant and posted onto
    high pr niche relevant sites. Scrapebox speeds up the link building
    process. Its a great tool for those who know how to use it.

  14. Very simple video on how to handle Scrapebox. Helped me tons. Especially
    with testing proxies !

    -Ron :)

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