How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks

How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks

Internet Marketing Tip: Use Facebook to help promote sales while building a list of friends. You can use the offer of coupons to new friends or promotions to those who have been with you for a long time. If you stop at offering new friends the promotions, you will likely lose friends as they lose interest.


  1. @htc888 When I did this video I was using YourPrivateProxies. Now I get
    them from fiverr. Found a guy who sells 4 proxies for $5/month. I just buy
    20-30 of those every month.

  2. The Name field in most platforms shows up as a hyperlink to whatever
    website you then enter.

  3. appreciated you detailed video. thanks. one question. arent most comments
    NOFOLLOW? meaning worthless for Google ranking??

  4. Not really. I rarely use blog commenting in my campaigns. I just created
    this because I know a lot of people think Scrapebox is simply for spamming
    tons of sites. That’s not the case. You can get better blog comment links
    this way, but blog comments alone are not going to rank a site for anything
    that is really competitive.

  5. The secret to #1 Google rankings is easy enough using this method. Go and
    Google Roltan Ranking Platform to see if this method still works.

  6. Hi Great interesting video and I like the fact that you leave comments on
    websites manually, this is what I intend doing, but 1 question. When you
    leave a comment or piece on another blog do you include the link back to
    your site embeded in the comment using code ( how?) or do you just leave
    your web address at the bottom? Thanks

  7. To be honest, I rarely if ever do any kind of blog commenting anymore. I
    would never, ever do it for clients. If I do it at all, it is for sites of
    my own that I do not really care about. If you are going to do it though,
    do not put the links in the message. That will never get through moderation.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I am curious what method
    do you use Scrapebox for….meaning do you use it for gray or blackhat at

  9. Dude how come its making backlinks and you didnt add your website or Blog
    URL? how to do that 

  10. Very good training! I have it just trying to learn the correct way to use I
    do not like the auto posting,,,,,,,,spammy.

  11. great video man. will be purchasing this asap. this will literally save me
    4+ hours a day. keep up the good work. 

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