Scrapebox Whitehat – Sitemap and RSS Feeds

Scrapebox Whitehat – Sitemap and RSS Feeds

Internet Marketing Tip: One tip that may not seem that important is the fact that you should give users clear instructions on how to place an order. Some users end up not making purchases because they find the process to be too complicated. Also make sure to let them know to click the order button just once since doing that more than once can cause some issues with double orders.


  1. Hey loopine, I have to admit that videos/tutorials you made are
    awesomeeeeeeeee! lol The more study scrapebox, the more I like it. Link
    extractor’s speed is very high. It’s very advanced spider. No need
    searching other types of even high speed spiders, because scrapebox/link
    extractor are rubost enough for what need now. I have tried several sitemap
    generator software,but all of them are not the desired ones for a black hat.

  2. Before link extractor, I think Offline Explorer is the best. RSS Feeds of
    website: For a black hat, it means content.

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