The Art of Harvesting – A Scrapebox Guide to harvesting urls and keywords

The Art of Harvesting – A Scrapebox Guide to harvesting urls and keywords

Internet Marketing Tip: Strategically placing keywords within the main body of text on your website or blog, is a great way to increase traffic coming from search engines. Look to load your keywords into the beginning passages of your text without overdoing it. A good, general rule is to incorporate your keyword twice into the leading paragraph. Follow that, by placing your keyword as many times as you can into the next 200 words, again without making it feel overused or heavy-handed.


  1. Just a little constructive criticism, this video could have been much, much
    shorter and include more information about how (and why) to configure the
    software a specific way to get the highest quality results. Like, you
    include how to add other versions of google but no explanation of WHY you
    would want to do that. From the title I expected tips on how to get the
    best harvesting results and an explanation of why they are the best

  2. I have had scrapebox for over a year, haven’t used it a lot, I think that
    I DID have some options in the footprint dropdown, but now there are none,
    except the one or two I have used previously. how can I get some of the
    pre-loaded or popular ones?

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