Using Scrapebox for Local SEO

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Using Scrapebox for Local SEO

Using Scrapebox for Local SEO

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  1. The SEO Pub
    The SEO Pub says:

    For private proxies, I usually order from mazgalici on Fiverr. I also have
    a bunch of sources I use for public proxies. You can search around and find
    a lot of public proxy sources to add to Scrapebox.

  2. Sean Pearse Fullerton
    Sean Pearse Fullerton says:

    Some great tips Mike. I love Scrapebox and use it all the time but I never
    knew about the -site feature!! Great tip. Cheers, Sean P.

  3. The SEO Pub
    The SEO Pub says:

    I would never, ever consider letting SEnuke do these submissions. They are
    far too valuable to local rankings to let a POS overpriced software like
    SEnuke handle it. For many directories, like Yelp, it is a massive pain in
    the ass to get errors corrected. I’d rather take the extra time and do it

  4. Dustin Blevins
    Dustin Blevins says:

    Great video! I have one question. What if your local company is a service
    type company that does not have a static address? We do not want to put our
    home address out to the public but we also want to rank better for local
    seo. Should we use our po box for the address?

  5. The SEO Pub
    The SEO Pub says:

    Other than that, as many local links as you can get will certainly help.
    You may want to find a similar business in another town that also is not
    using a physical address but is ranking well, and see what they are doing.
    That would actually be the first place I would start.

  6. Spook SEO
    Spook SEO says:

    Thanks for the share! I have to say that the results that the Local SEO can
    bring to any business is priceless! With how important it is to establish
    your brand and meet with local prospects, failing to capitalize on local
    SEO is detrimental to a business’s success.

  7. piffdaddy420
    piffdaddy420 says:

    great advice! im looking forward to start SEO on my website. unfortunatley
    my site is always up and down in the rankings. I have a local computer
    repair business in north jersey. Now with all of these directories that you
    scraped do you manually enter each one? or is there a feature to
    automatically post it? Another question I have is how long does it
    normally take google to register any SEO that you have done? Say I submit
    my info to all of the sites, plus use wordpress and other backlinks. How
    long would it take for google to bump me up on the ranking? When I used
    Nohands SEO a while back it took a few months to finally notice a
    difference in my ranking. Then a few months later my ranking drops. Are
    backlinks something I need to constantly maintain? Thanks in advance for
    the info. 

  8. Hudson Hornick
    Hudson Hornick says:

    Nice video. But couldn’t you just put the citation in quotes into google
    itself and then see where these citations are coming from?

  9. pen0rprick
    pen0rprick says:

    Good video. How would you do this is you were trying to rank a site before
    you had any clients. And/or you want to have 5 clients per site?

  10. Pete Kici
    Pete Kici says:

    Good Job with the video I just bought scrape box and this is a nice add on
    to the other things it can do

  11. TheBhck
    TheBhck says:

    Not buy Scrapbox , does not help you, you will be penalized by google.
    1 – There is no mode. to find quality sites with dofollow link
    2 – Google has changed its policy for backlink

  12. Moshe Dahari
    Moshe Dahari says:

    Great video, thank you i’m just getting into local SEO. After you did the
    citations that your competitors do, what citations do you use to outrank

  13. Matthew Van Dyck
    Matthew Van Dyck says:

    Thanks for the video. Is this only useful for trying to get your site
    ranked via google places? What if you just want an organic search result
    for ‘dentists in Gettysburg’ does this help the organic search results at

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