Yellow Pages Plugin – Scrape Yellow Pages Scrapebox

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Yellow Pages Plugin – Scrape Yellow Pages Scrapebox

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The yellow pages plugin is a premium plugin that requires scrapebox and that can be purchased from within Scrapebox its self.

You can scrape from multiple versions of yellow pages, including

FCS networker
6 replies
  1. Ivan David Lippens
    Ivan David Lippens says:

    Thank You for Posting!

    Even at lower connections, though, I’m not getting nearly the same results as you are.
    I have 50-private proxies, and a VPS.

    Any Hints?

  2. Paul Rone-Clarke
    Paul Rone-Clarke says:

    Hi Loop. Didn’t you do this video some time ago? I could swear I’ve seen you do a Yellow Pages vid before.

  3. serg o
    serg o says:

    It is nice to have some improvements. 1) if you scrape using “Use all (locations)” , can you make the plugin to skip locations that has been scraped?

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