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When you see Tag rankings on your video, it shows you where that video ranks in search results when a search is performed on YouTube for that keyword.

Sounds simple, right? It's not.

When I do a search on YouTube, I see different results than you do. I even see different results myself if I'm on a different computer or different city or country. So what are the “real” results? Well, there aren't any. Even an “Incognito” search is based on your location and returns tailored results. YouTube offers search results through their Application Program Interface (API) which are supposed be neutral but we've found they differ greatly from in-browser results.

We decided (at least for now) to stick with the same results that you see in your browser. At one point we switched it to API results but were immediately inundated with emails and complaints that the results didn't match what they saw on YouTube.

It seems like a case where we can't please everyone here so our long-term solution is to allow people to choose what type of results to view. For now it will be what you see on screen but we hope to eventually allow you to choose Incognito or API results as options as well.

We suggest you use your ranking values to gauge movement for a video (if it's going up or down in the rankings) rather than believing that the number shown is the actual ranking position everywhere in the world for everyone.


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