How to Use Google Webmaster Tools for SEO (Intro)

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools for SEO (Intro)

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  1. How to use Google Webmaster Tools for search engine optimization looks at
    some core features of Google Webmaster Tools and how it can be utilized to
    set certain option this tool allows webmasters to set. If you are not as of
    yet using this highly useful tool from Google, then perhaps it is time to
    create an account and see how Google sees your website.

    I thank you for learning with me and sharing this video and wishing you top
    Google rankings

  2. Hi tolga. Thanks for this useful video tutorial about how to use google
    webmaster tools. For my websites i use three different statistic programs:
    google webmaster, google analytics and one from my host company, i think
    its webalizer. But all of them show total different statistic! Why? And
    what do you use? Maybe you can make a video about this subject. Thanks. Sam

  3. Hello Sam, your question is very valid indeed, because you are right when
    you say each of these analysis tools can be utilized for seeing different
    things, and yet, each of them must be fully utilized. To give you a quick
    answer I will say that your server logs would be good to see things
    “keywords used to find your website” since Google doesn’t want to really
    make all the keyword data available for us so therefore, both in Webmaster
    Tools and Google Analytics it shows keywords “not set” so the next thing to
    look to find that out is your server logs “Webalizer” is good enough.
    Anyhow, each has uses and the best advice I can share is use all them,
    because that is what I do. I am working on some videos at the moment and as
    soon as I finish them I will try my best to make a video related to this.
    Thanks you for the likes mate. Talk soon, till then happy rankings

  4. Nice tutorial.
    About impressions….
    There are 17000 so if i have a CPM Advertising i own 17xCMPcost ?

  5. Useless video. Only shows WT interface. Author most probably uploaded this
    video to gain clicks to their site. I guess this comment won’t last more…

  6. Hi I am From Bali I am owner Of dikutabali+Kom I am using WT Too But Now I
    got Confuse With It, Some Info Is Not Accurate Info for My web < I am
    Targeting Tour and Travel in Bali 

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