8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation ☯159

8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation ☯159

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  1. I find that praying helps me through every situation. Everyone should take
    advantage of this gift that we have, the ability to speak & listen to GOD. 

  2. Absolutely love this music and find it extremely relaxing. I’ve noticed a
    few people mention “dubstep” What is that?

  3. i have a very hard time sleeping unless its raining out so i looked up
    sleep sounds and found this site im so glad i did i dont have problems
    getting to sleep or staying a sleep anymore thank you so much

  4. Let’s see what dreams I can get from this. I’m imagining a life in space in
    the far future. Drifting through the plains of reality seeing the beauty of
    the universe.
    Thank you for this amazing track. 

  5. This really had helped me to make my mind still and bright just enough to
    do my homework and be more happy. Thank you, i wish to cobtinue growing

  6. Thank you so much! I now sleep peacefully and get my full night’s rest and
    meditation :)

  7. I am so elated to have found this music. I’m currently studying Reiki and
    this music is so very healing!

  8. This had become my nightly sleep music. Light some incense out this on and
    slowly drift off. Finally wake up finally refreshed in the morning. Thanks
    yellow brick cinema!! 

  9. THIS IS PERFECT! I normally have a very difficult time getting to sleep.
    I’m 15 and I have ADHD. So any stimulation (TV noise, cars outside, lights
    on in other rooms, etc.) will keep me awake. However, I have no difficulty
    falling and staying asleep with your music. Thank you.

  10. This is so helpful! Been having insomnia for a week and this finally helped
    me sleep. Thank you so much for this. : )

  11. The human body gets hurt from time to time, mentally physically and
    spiritually. This kind of meditation music acts as a remedy to heal the
    inner self of one. I close my eyes and imagine a positive energy running in
    my mind and heart, and it really alleviates stress.
    Music really is a medicine for the soul.
    +YellowBrickCinema- Thank you 

  12. Had issues the past few months sleeping and waking up feeling so tired!
    I randomly stumbled upon this and tried listening to this last night, and
    guess what?
    Woke up feeling so refresh and awake! Thank you for the great music.

  13. Listening to this while typing an essay for Spanish is amazing! It is so
    miraculous on how much it helps get rid of the stress and make typing five
    pages seem more fluid and interesting, thank you so much for sharing with
    me and all the other people who listen to this! :)

  14. Wow…… This help me sleep because i last night i stayed up till 2 am and
    still bed lol

  15. Nice music helps me sleep while in hospital from a broken leg very nice
    music and pls make more because it is just a brilliant piece

  16. This is like heroin for my ears. I love it, puts me right in the mood for
    sleep. Thanks

  17. Wow, I’ve slept like 4 hours this entire week, and I just slept a solid 13
    listening to this, ty so much!!

  18. Beautiful, so peaceful and relaxing.
    Will any of your music be available for download at some point? I would
    love to have some of these pieces to meditate to :)

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