A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

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  1. “don’t stop believing
    ….unless ur dream is stupid
    then u should get a better dream”

    get ta dancin’…

  2. Too much advise from coaches and grown-ups.
    Well take a break and listen to a KID!! AWESOME ;d

  3. i think people forget that this was a written, produced, cast, and shot

    this kid didn’t write this.

    he read what was written, which was probably written by a professional

    people made money off this video.

    maybe directly, maybe indirectly, but they did. just a heads up.

  4. That was actually a really good poem when I first read it. Also, this goody
    goody stuff about the world all being friends and stuff is a nice idea, but
    we will all forget we watched this in an hour and continue to be assholes
    to each other. It’s the human way.

  5. Here’s another inspirational speech/line.

    Remember, you’re unique

    Just like everyone else.

  6. I just had a 10 year old pep talk me……I’m going to the gym tomorrow and
    asking my crush out…….wow that just happened thanks!!!!

  7. How in the world did this video get 250k likes. I thought kid president was
    viral but not this viral…

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE these videos~! BRILLIANT only an ignoramous would dislike
    them~! Get the MESSAGE people~!

  9. I watched this video a while back
    And I came back to shoe my friend
    I have a lot more friends now
    And my attitude has improved
    I still make people laugh though
    Thanks for the encouragement

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