Ass Pennies

Ass Pennies

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  1. I hated this sketch when I first saw it (when it aired). Now about every
    six months I think about asspennies and I appriciate the sketch more every

  2. The guy in the hat is a terrible actor. Or at least he did a terrible job
    in this skit.

  3. Butt pennies no longer exist up here in Canada eh, guess I aint tuched this
    guys ass pennies

  4. There are probably some people who watched this and decided to do it. There
    are probably ass pennies in my pocket, car, and God knows where else. Right
    now. :-/

  5. I use this technique, but instead of pennies, I just stick my ATM card up
    my ass.

    Or am I missing the point?

  6. Holy crap, aside from how hilarious this is, how good is Ian Roberts’
    acting in this? He really sells it.

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