Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

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Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

FCS networker
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  1. Ankur Sharma
    Ankur Sharma says:

    Hi ALL,

    I understand, this may not be the most appropriate place to post this
    comment. But, this is an effort to draw Coca-Cola India’s attention.

    I found a retailer selling Fanta which was past its expiry date, and
    registered a complaint (i/d#WRPP13120027) on 9th December on Coca Cola
    India Helpline, and yet, I haven’t received any response. In between 9th
    December and today, I have made 3-4 phone calls and sent 3 e-mails. Would
    Coca Cola explain (1) the lack of interest in ensuring safety of Consumers
    and (2) this irresponsible lapse in discharge of duties?

  2. Albert Fowler
    Albert Fowler says:

    In the huddle hang out 2014
    Hospitality industry looking for. New leaders bring the smile and school
    schedule we can unite

  3. Alfredo Punzón Gutiérrez
    Alfredo Punzón Gutiérrez says:

    Muy bonita la publicidad. Pero de lo que no hacen publicidad es de que van
    a cerrar cuatro fábricas en España dejando en la calle a maś de 4000
    trabajadores. Si quereis solidarizaros con ellos y sus familias no bebais
    cocacola hasta que detengan éste despropósito

  4. esllie ponce
    esllie ponce says:

    i wish this could happen here 🙁 lol Colombia would go crazy! please come
    to the Universidad del Valle!!!

  5. Arafhana 88
    Arafhana 88 says:

    Its actually work!I was gonna buy only one coca cola and then its give me
    pizza and tacos and coca cola and so long john bread!

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