Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

Internet Marketing Tip: Don't post just to post on Facebook. That's a sure-fire way to lose fans. If you are posting randomly with very little substance too many times every day, then many people will look at your brand as simply spamming their Facebook feed. Yes, you want to post as often as possible, but make sure the posts are quality.


  1. Hi ALL,

    I understand, this may not be the most appropriate place to post this
    comment. But, this is an effort to draw Coca-Cola India’s attention.

    I found a retailer selling Fanta which was past its expiry date, and
    registered a complaint (i/d#WRPP13120027) on 9th December on Coca Cola
    India Helpline, and yet, I haven’t received any response. In between 9th
    December and today, I have made 3-4 phone calls and sent 3 e-mails. Would
    Coca Cola explain (1) the lack of interest in ensuring safety of Consumers
    and (2) this irresponsible lapse in discharge of duties?

  2. In the huddle hang out 2014
    Hospitality industry looking for. New leaders bring the smile and school
    schedule we can unite

  3. Muy bonita la publicidad. Pero de lo que no hacen publicidad es de que van
    a cerrar cuatro fábricas en España dejando en la calle a maś de 4000
    trabajadores. Si quereis solidarizaros con ellos y sus familias no bebais
    cocacola hasta que detengan éste despropósito

  4. i wish this could happen here 🙁 lol Colombia would go crazy! please come
    to the Universidad del Valle!!!

  5. Its actually work!I was gonna buy only one coca cola and then its give me
    pizza and tacos and coca cola and so long john bread!

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