Full Game Soundtrack: Halo 2 (New Video Available in Description)(HD)

Full Game Soundtrack: Halo 2 (New Video Available in Description)(HD)

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  1. “Full Soundtracks” — isn’t full soundtrack
    “1080p HD” — isn’t 1080p
    I appreciate it tho, nice to listen to while playing other games

  2. I will always love Halo 2. Undoubtedly the best in the franchise and it
    introduced me to Breaking Benjamin.

  3. this makes me actually do my homework!!! i love halo 2 but the re make
    music wasn’t as good as i expected but alright.

  4. Growing up I used to play Halo with my dad before my brother was born. I
    remember getting this CD and listening to it at night when I would go to
    bed. I felt like a God XD … Major feels listening to this again. Halo 2
    still remains to be my favorite out of the series!

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