Riding a Sex Toy in Public for Charity (Sybian)

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Riding a Sex Toy in Public for Charity (Sybian)

Riding a Sex Toy in Public for Charity (Sybian)

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  1. Simple Pickup
    Simple Pickup says:

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  2. Skydogpoop Inyourmouth
    Skydogpoop Inyourmouth says:

    This is not about charity. It is about the poster getting off.. this is
    totally classless. In other words,. no matter how you try to hide your
    intentions you come off as a perv. 

  3. Pooop
    Pooop says:

    Male circumcision= much more widespread problem, barely anything being done
    to stop it
    female circumcision=Happens much less than male, taken much more seriously

    I’m not saying that either of these has any significance over the other,
    circumcision should not be categorized male and female, and should be seen
    as one problem, we should be focused on preventing circumcision as a whole
    and not just focusing on either side of the male-female spectrum. Even if
    female circumcision is worse, that doesn’t justify male circumcision not
    being taken as seriously.

  4. Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison says:

    Circumcision is bad and all that…. but WTF? Aren’t these girls ashamed???
    What if their parents or even friends see this. This is sick. You all are

  5. Hayden Burke
    Hayden Burke says:

    Male circumcision is to prevent infections when they get older so… What
    are u talking about, saying male circumcision isn’t right (talking about
    the people in the comments)

  6. Woopa Gangnam Style.
    Woopa Gangnam Style. says:

    Why don’t you women toss of men for male circumcision awareness? Because it
    seems to be alright giving females orgasms in public for female

  7. Livelifechill
    Livelifechill says:

    There is a difference between the circumcisions. Male circumcision, though
    originally religious, is now done to help prevent infections. All they do
    is cut a little bit of skin. Female circumcision cuts off their clit and
    parts of their lips so that they can’t enjoy sex. It’s something primitive
    that the African blacks and arabs created…like most of the savage
    practices in the world still done today…

  8. TheAllstar22
    TheAllstar22 says:

    So it’s cool for women to get off randomly during the day but me fucking a
    fleshlight noooo!! Screw you!

  9. Cristina Packham
    Cristina Packham says:

    How about before you comment, you actually do research about female
    mutilation… The clit is not only cut off, but so is the labia minor. Then
    it is reattached to make the vagina as small as the end of your pinky, and
    for male pleasure. Sometimes it goes further and the vagina is
    cauterized.This is done when the girls are between the ages of 4 and 8,
    without any drugs. The girls are strapped down, and the risks are sepsis,
    shock, HIV, hep B and C, and death. When the girls are married it is then
    the right of the husband to make the hole a little bigger. When the women
    is pregnant the vagina is slit open to have the baby, then restitched if
    the mother or baby survive the birth. So it’s kind of a bigger deal than
    male circumcision, and by the way over 125 million women have been victims.

  10. Amy A
    Amy A says:

    The people that compare male circumcision to female gender mutilation are
    just idiots. Like flat out. Do some research people. FGM is often done
    without medical professionals and equipment and some types takes the
    pleasure away from sex. 

  11. Abigail McMullen
    Abigail McMullen says:

    Female circumcision is the literal mutilation if the clitoris for male
    pleasure. Male circumcision is the removal of foreskin to prevent multiple
    diseases. I see no connection here. 

  12. Farfy McDoogle
    Farfy McDoogle says:

    Raise awareness my ass. This is a sick thing to do in public. Not to
    mention all those girls riding the same thing, getting wet with barely any
    fabric betwixt the deal.

  13. David n
    David n says:

    Just some advice for people commenting.
    1. Female circumcision is worse than male circumcision.
    2. Male circumcision is still pointless and unnecessary.
    3. America is not the norm.
    4. Cutting anything from people’s private parts involuntarily is *barbaric*.

    Glad we cleared that up.

  14. klieu90210
    klieu90210 says:

    There is nothing wrong with sex, sexual stimulation or the like. People
    (especially many religious twats in America) need to stop being so Puritan.

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