Shapeoko 2 CNC Machine – 189

Shapeoko 2 CNC Machine – 189

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  1. Good review of the Shapeoko 2. I absolutely love mine and the price point
    was a big determining factor. It was the only way an average Joe can get
    into the CNC world without hocking their wife’s jewelry… which I would
    never even think about doing. I can’t wait to see what projects you come up
    with it. 

  2. Very nice. Do you get to keep the unit? (If so, a lot of the woodworkers I
    follow will be coming up with CNC projects ;-))

  3. Great job on the video Jay, you made the whole thing really enjoyable and
    informative to watch.

  4. Informative video jay! & dude thats awsome man they sent u tht!!So for a
    little over $1, 000.00 someone can get the FULL kit but still have to
    assemble it right?
    And my other question is –
    I noticed on their site a larger board is available, I just browsed but,
    does that mean u could go all the way up to a full 4×8 sheet? I know u dont
    work there but thought maybe u had some insight. 

  5. So very cool….am insanely jealous. Only have a few things I can think of
    that I would use one for but having one might change that. Good times.

  6. Not bothered at all that you took that deal. Hey you got a free little mill
    out of it, and we got some good exposure to cost effective woodworking
    equipment. The future is bright, and it’s driven by steppermotors 😉 Much
    appreciated for uploading man!

  7. I’ve also got some experience on using a large CNC router but the software
    with this new toy of yours, it appears to make it far more accessible than
    anything I’ve ever seen. Great video, Jay and I love the inclusion of
    another item from the Mushroom Kingdom!

  8. I recently backed a CNC router on kickstarter. The Makesmith. It was made
    by two guys in their lower twenties, and the pricepoint was 200$! For what
    I got that was a pretty impressive price. It was also a kit, but very easy
    to build and I had NO experience with CNC before, and got around to making
    stuff very fast on it. Unfortunately they dont sell them yet, but it is
    open source, both hardware and software, and using lasercut parts and off
    the shelf components. So anyone interested in CNC with a low budget should
    look into that (there is a video (or two) where I try it out on my channel)

  9. Congratulations you are now in the Cnc world.I run Cnc mills all at my
    8-5,and do carpentry as a hobby.I’ve been considering getting this
    Invintable mill for a bit now,just can’t seam to pull the trigger because
    of my schedule at this very moment.You should consider switching to a solid
    carbide end mill ,instead of a high speed steel bit.They hold of way better
    and you have way less burrs.That’s the case cutting metal anyways.In the
    machining world,high speed steel end mills are not trustworthy of quality
    finish.Of coarse this is just in your garage but nonetheless I would like
    to send you some tooling you might like to try.

  10. I was skeptical at first…but it seemed to do okay and the software looked
    easier then most CNC software that I am familiar with. I have 2 questions,
    1. Can you program it where home is on the “X” & “Y” axis?
    2. Will it cut aluminum?

  11. Really informative video Jay, looking forward to see where this takes you
    in your future projects.

  12. This thing is cool, still way outside my price range though. I can program
    the plasma cnc at work (table is 60″ x 120″) and program the robotic
    welder. I am hoping to get something like this one day. Though I doubt it
    will be within the next ten years. Question, can it use dxf files? If it
    can, you might take a look online for clip art and convert to vector (dxf)
    to try it. Just a thought it might open a whole world of posibilites for
    that little machine.

  13. Great video Jay! Thanks for the helpful tips! I worked on mine about 6
    hours today, so not much more to go. The mushroom at the end was cool!

  14. I am interested to see how you use this in future projects. Please keep us
    posted on how the CNC works for you in the home workshop environment. It’s
    an exciting technology for woodworkers. 

  15. My school has a $50 000 4′ by 8′ cnc, in addittion to another cnc and two
    laser engravers, three 3d printers, and a plasma cutter. The 4′ by 8′ is
    the most exciting, you can set a piece of plywood down, put in the code and
    in an hour you can have a couple of stools ready for a quick sanding and
    glue up.

  16. Jay for the fuzzies, try slowing the path speed down a bit. There is a fine
    line between cutting speed and burning the material, but the saving comes
    at less clean up time once the cutting has finished. Also look online for a
    CNC Shoe to clean up the dust as it cuts.

  17. I’m not downplaying the system, because it IS cool. But isn’t it just an
    oversized Dremmel tool on an axis?

  18. Listen, I don’t know how your channel came to be in my “What to Watch”
    YouTube channel but nevertheless, that was cool. I’m a woman and I do like
    to work with wood and wished I’d learned when I had the opportunity, but
    again, this was cool. for the video. I really enjoyed it. Will
    keep it on my “Favorites”. :-)

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