Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

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Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

FCS networker
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  1. Lucas Samascott
    Lucas Samascott says:

    Funny, I thought democratic governments were supposed to represent “the
    people”, but it seems that the internet is doing a much better job of that
    than any government out there.

  2. sally duros
    sally duros says:

    With The Web, we now have a “thee” dimensional world. …(not three)

  3. Rafa Miranda
    Rafa Miranda says:

    Excelente video sobre la tecnología en la educación. Repensémonos siempre
    y volvamos a inventarnos cada día.

  4. Phil Thomas
    Phil Thomas says:

    I watched this video first almost near when it first came out,years later I
    am still thinking about this.

  5. Monica Bibiana Usuga Rojas
    Monica Bibiana Usuga Rojas says:

    Aca les dejo éste video para que conozcas un poco sobre la WEB 2.0

  6. Xenophrenia
    Xenophrenia says:

    a blast from my past … posted 2007 (not sure when I found it) … it’s
    one the first videos in my Favorites playlist on YouTube ;-)

  7. Marcin Olak
    Marcin Olak says:

    Wow. This video is like an artifact from a bygone era. I think it already
    serves as a great snapshot of the things that excited progressive web users
    of the mid-2000s – me being one of them.

  8. Jenny Klein
    Jenny Klein says:

    Personally I think we’re progressing too rapidly with technology. Most
    people don’t even understand the way it works….

  9. Elizabeth Romeo
    Elizabeth Romeo says:

    We can’t be against technology today; we literally are technology.
    Everything is technology, and we’ve come so far that we’ll soon have the
    whole world at our fingertips. 

  10. Krista Hallenbeck
    Krista Hallenbeck says:

    Its almost unbelievable how quickly technology is changing. Right before
    our eyes technology is adapting and by the time we are even aware of it,
    let alone know how to use it, there is something new and better out there
    that people have to have. Its scary to think of all the things that will be
    created in the next few years 

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