Lets Get Social 2014

Lets Get Social 2014

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    We love Social Media at Awesome Merchandise!

    But we don’t know whether we’d sing a song about it….

    See if you can watch this video all the way to the end & let us know if
    you’ve ever sung a song about social media 😉


  2. I like the fact you’re now pretending it was a joke, when it was done in
    all seriousness… do you really post pictures of bacon?

  3. This song made me realise. Normal people have ruined the internet, remember
    how much more social IRC and newsgroups were? Back then you could have real
    conversation and make real relationships with people.

  4. The most cringe video i’ve ever seen!! I would quit my job on the spot if i
    were those guys in the meeting. Bloody hell!

  5. Since this video was made 67% of people in the audience have killed
    themselves – 19% of whom also poisoned or shot their entire families.

    One victim was heard saying “life is so pointless, humanity is pointless,
    must.. end… it… now”.

    SMMW next year is transforming into ‘Nihilism World Congress’ – tickets are
    sold out already.

  6. The only thing to like about this is how hilarious it is. Nothing against
    the girl, poor thing is singing a song written by a marketing shill. 

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