Social Media Marketing Vs FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) Whats Better!?

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Internet Marketing Tip: Don't overlook the concept of actually paying for quality leads. It can take some time to generate leads on your own using SEO or pay-per-click methods, but paying for leads can help get your business off the ground. If you are looking to pay for leads, make sure that you do so from a reputable company.


  1. I’m in Tanners course, just need to build up some reserve funds to invest in product and implement…

  2. Well said, Hayden. Doing both together can yield crazy results if you do your homework and find the right businesses to market for and product to sell on Amazon. Patience and continuous learning by being a student of the industry is so important.

  3. Thank You!! Great Video Hayden! I’ve been having a difficult time deciding which one I should go after and put my time into. After watching this I realize I shouldn’t just focus on one, but both… once I have some cash flow from the SMM. I’m going to try to do this all while holding a Full time position with an Auto Manufacturer, and an ebay business. You, Ryan and Tanner are all huge inspirations!

  4. Hayden we need to have a serious talk….When are you going to commit to daily vlogs?! Loving the videos man

  5. Hayden,

    Thoughts on eBay? I know a few people killing it on that platform. They normally just sell clothes. Are you familiar with Raiken Profit? He had an eBay seller who made over $200k selling used shoes.

  6. Yeah man I will be joining the smma course you all teach was in tais but want to keep learning.
    I am partly stressing just because I did tell my Boss not to schedule me anymore for work, but I know now I can focus 100% on social media and get some clients.


  8. What would you recommend for someone with a lot of time? I’m trying shopify dropshipping and I find that after making ads, I have nothing to do but feel like I should be doing something productive.

  9. I bought hayden’s course but I have a lot of trouble with figuring out the legal side of this. I live in Europe and would like to sell on the European market. I went to see an accountant but even he couldn’t help me with this. Any advice??

  10. I want to do FBA but don’t know how to private label a product, can someone tell me how to private label a product ? Like if I have my own logo/brand, how do I put my logo to the product ??

  11. Love this sort of content! I’m doing both also. Both I found really easy to set-up and both very scalable. SMMA more time + effort and FBA expensive, but hopefully potentially big rewards!

  12. Hey man, I love your videos! Just a quick question: How did you learn to do SEO, online advertising, building websites, making professional videos for companies etc

  13. Also, I think too many people look for instant results/satisfaction and quickly lose their optimism when it doesn’t happen overnight. Make small milestone goals and shoot for those — Getting just three SMMA clients to pay you $1,500/month and getting an Amazon product to $100/day means you’re making $90,000/year. With a little luck, you could literally accomplish that in two months time; probably even sooner if you hustle. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  14. The only time dropshipping is “not a lot of work” is when you’ve already built momentum. Starting off can be difficult.

  15. Checkout my channel for tai’s umma program i just posted the first vid more of the program will soon be uploaded

  16. about how long did it take you to find your first product through Tanners course?

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