Social Media Marketing With Zoho Social

Internet Marketing Tips: You may be tempted to completely redesign your website to more effectively market it on the net. Many people subscribe to a myth that CSS is the only format that will do good in the new Internet algorithms. This is proven to be untrue. Even if your website is on an older table format it won't matter.

Learn how to make the best use of our advanced publishing, realtime monitoring, and powerful reporting features within Zoho Social. If you also use Zoho CRM, learn how you can connect it with Zoho Social and bring your sales and marketing teams closer to generate more leads and close deals faster.

Internet Marketing Tip: A great internet marketing tip for people who are new to creating their own web site is to make sure that your content has plenty of adjectives that describe your business in the best light possible. Give your visitors a very positive outlook on the services your provide for them.


  1. 1. Will posts be branded with Zoho?
    2. On facebook, will posts show as “posted with zoho” publicly and/or privately(viewable by admin on page?) ?
    3. Will reports have Zoho branding attached
    4. Are reports customizable to each client?
    5. Is there a calendar view for scheduling, if so, is there the ability to see past scheduled posts?

  2. can we post to multiple groups on Facebook at one click (more than 100 groups) using this zoho tool

  3. Can you upload video to Facebook through the platform or just a link to a video?
    Can you manage Facebook or Twitter ads or boosts through the platform?

  4. Great product ! Please look into the capabilities of running contests and polls as this is an “Absolute Must” these days ! Thanks.

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