What I Do For Work (UPDATE) ♡ Paid YouTubers + Social Media Marketing + PR, Marketing

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What I Do For Work (UPDATE) ♡ Paid YouTubers + Social Media Marketing + PR, Marketing

What I Do For Work (UPDATE) ♡ Paid YouTubers + Social Media Marketing + PR, Marketing

FCS networker
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  1. jessicamr91
    jessicamr91 says:

    Did you go to school for PR or Marketing yourself in order to give you more
    than just a YouTube background? Just curious for those that either haven’t
    gone to college or are in school now. Thanks! 

  2. Style By Dani
    Style By Dani says:

    Your job sounds so cool! Thanks for sharing, I’m always so curious what
    other youtubers are doing for work! 

  3. Megan Killion
    Megan Killion says:

    Love this vid! I work in Marketing and hate how there is a perception that
    its “fluffy” and all we do is post on social channels! So much work goes
    into it…from creative to budgeting etc! Congrats on the new role!
    Wondering what your thoughts would be on moving into the sales org? Is it a
    bad move it your long term goal is to end up in marketing? I think knowing
    how sales teams work is good if your on a lead gen side of marketing! What
    are your thoughts :)

  4. Jayla Koriyan
    Jayla Koriyan says:

    Great Video! It was very interesting. I’m in college studying fashion
    merchandising as well as advertising, communication, and marketing and the
    job opportunities are ENDLESS you just have to do your research and see
    whats out here in the world!

  5. Apollo-milkchocolate
    Apollo-milkchocolate says:

    Im also aiming for something around brand management/marketing and I am in
    first year university.
    What would you recommend to get experience so I can get an internship at a

  6. Roxanne M.
    Roxanne M. says:

    This is a great video! I handle all the social media for my company in
    addition to my primary role, but I love the shift toward having actual
    dedicated social media managers. It may seem like an easy job to people on
    the outside, but the time and effort dedicated to ensuring your posts are
    reaching the right people and are timely, etc. is insane! Best of luck in
    your new career 🙂 I’d love to continue hearing about your journey. 

  7. rootofhappiness
    rootofhappiness says:

    I want to work in the fashion industry and right now I’m majoring in
    Marketing. Do you think it’s necessary for me to minor in PR as well? 

  8. Asma M
    Asma M says:

    Congrats on your new job that you’ll start soon! But does that mean less
    YouTube videos from you??

  9. lea1285
    lea1285 says:

    Thank you for being open about this subject. Hope you keep us updated on ur
    new job. Congratulations :)

  10. ohhitsjolie
    ohhitsjolie says:

    I’m working in Marketing and PR, too! I want to eventually move out to LA.
    I hope you’re doing well. :)

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