Why social media marketing doesn’t work

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Why social media marketing doesn’t work

Why social media marketing doesn’t work

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  1. Kevin Reape
    Kevin Reape says:

    Companies that are active on social media and use it as a way to not only
    sell product but to interact with customers, answers their questions and
    release new information may disagree. Social media isn’t necessarily a way
    to increase sales (the high-yielding CPC ads are all over Facebook, by the
    way), it’s a way to be social with the customer. Does everyone do it great?
    No. The ones that do see results.

  2. Joel Cole
    Joel Cole says:

    Looks like this is your first shot at video Bob, Good job. I’ll hope to see
    a whole bunch more valuable vids coming from your shop.

  3. Christopher Lake
    Christopher Lake says:

    Feel free to spend time on social media … but don’t kid yourself that
    you’re acquiring new customers.

  4. James Conkle
    James Conkle says:

    I think most of us knew this but had no data to prove or disapprove our
    thinking. Now we do, if BOB says it than I need no more proof.

  5. Linda Driscoll Powers
    Linda Driscoll Powers says:

    Hmmm, I disagree. Are you focused on B2B only? Our B2C social media efforts
    throw gasoline on our content fire, driving nearly half of our website
    traffic last month. One of our products is a very expensive service,
    upwards of $4,000, and our social media efforts positively contribute to
    engagement and trust-building–and yes, lead to direct sales. This
    scare-tactic video and the email that led me here just degraded my trust in
    your “expertise.” 

  6. John Van Epps
    John Van Epps says:

    Bob, you are one of my favorite experts in this field – and a true
    copywriting guru who has shaped my business over the years. Thank you, as
    always, for all you do. I don’t know how you find the time, but I sure
    appreciate your words of wisdom…

  7. Nick Garrity
    Nick Garrity says:

    It’s b2c that social is crushing right now! But soon, once more companies
    integrate social platforms internally to improve efficiency and
    teambuilding, b2b direct sales will be happening on those sites too. And
    with all due respect to Warren Buffett, if I want to know about marketing
    with new technologies I’m not gonna talk to him or Gallup (ha) because I
    can crowd source the local high school and college to gauge future trends.
    Those generations are the ones leading tech media innovation! GB

  8. Bob Bly
    Bob Bly says:

    Linda, you are the exception, and there are always exceptions. But as a
    rule, social has extremely poor return on time invested (ROTI).

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